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Burger King takes Rosenberger, Lindach is located

Burger King takes Rosenberger, Lindach is located

ST. Lie down The new operator wants to invest 30 million euros in 14 locations.

Burger King takes Rosenberger, Lindach is located

A well-known image on the inner roads Image: REUTERS

United States Food Chain Burger King's service provider falls to Rosenberger. Austrian franchise TQSR will take shares in Rosenberger, Creditreform held a credit report yesterday.

The only location that is closed to the new operator is Lindach A1. 19 workers were injured. But Burger King wants to unlock the already closed Haag area in the Lower Australian Ocean. A total of 330 workers will continue to work.

Rosenberger service areas are being upgraded, modernized and transferred to a uniform TQSR concept. For this, 30 million euros will be invested. Not only Burger King and Rosenberger, they are integrated with the other three well-known systems, along with Rosenberger Restaurant GmbH. Burger King said yesterday in a press release.

The Austrian brand Rosenberger is fine in the future in the context of modern catering services. Two or three years after, modernization must be carried out. Younger audiences should approach new products, such as vegan food, Icecream or "Rosenburger."

Vegan and Rosenburger

The transaction volume is 40 million euros, according to Creditreform. Prices for the purchase price and rehabilitation plan for ten million euros.

TQSR Holding and Development GmbH is a subsidiary of Theophil Group. Dieter Spranz is a Viennese lawyer. TQSR is the largest Burger King franchise and currently has 50 locations in 50 countries in Austria. This year, the company will have 70 million euros (unless at least Rosenberger). As far as Rosenberg is concerned, this year they will find seven other positions.

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