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Candida auris fungal infections are rapidly extending


He is spreading the deadly fungus fungus

For doctors and researchers, the spread of Candida auris yeast is a growing challenge: worldwide, more and more infectious cases are reported. Only in the US, more than 600 people have been contaminated. Many deaths have already been registered. Why is this fungus fungus fungus and why it is dangerous, to which we will explain in the next article.

Several deaths

In the fall of 2016, the United States Department of Health's CDC (Disease Control and Prevention Centers) reported the fungal disease for the first time, that is, in some cases, serious. Candida auris yeast, so it was in the United States several deaths. The fungus was detected in a Japanese patient in 2009 as an otomycosis agent (external cancer hearing). But now, in many other countries, he is keen. According to the CDC, today it is "a serious threat to health".

In the US alone, Candida auris drug resistant has brought about 600 cases. According to experts, the fungus represents a "general threat to health" (image: jarun011 /

The infection can be threatening

Many microorganisms live on the skin, including yeast. Species of Candia fungi can be detected around 75% of human beings.

With a healthy immune system, yeast fungus in the skin and mucous is not a problem.

They live on the front without realizing it. And if they cause yeast skin infections, Candida's home remedies can often help with simple remedies.

However, when the new Candida auris yeast enters the bloodstream, many times the infection in hospitals and other health facilities may be life threatening.

Nearly 600 diseases in the U.S.

Since Mushroom was identified, in the US, there were at least 587 illnesses, according to CBS News in the U.S. news channel.

According to "CBS New York." Last year, an elderly man died at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York after a fungal stomach operation.

Yeast is said to cause disease in more than 20 countries.

Greater attention to unnecessary wasting

"Candida Auris enters the blood stream that can cause infections and blood poisoning," said Oliver Kurzai, professor at the University of Würzburg, with the chair of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Mycology.

The Engineering Invasive Infections (NRZMyk) is also a national reference center in Jena.

Professor Kurzai is the author of German and Austrian opinion experts. With Candida auris, it is advised to pay more attention, but at the same time it warns of a disturbing alarm.

It's hard to identify

However, according to the CDC, Candida Auris "is a serious threat to health."

The authorities justify that the fungus is difficult to identify routine in conventional tests and it is difficult to treat due to its extreme resistance.

It is also dangerous, especially as it was in the health facilities pest.

Candida auris eats and breathes, but it can also cause severe blood or wound infections.

Experts are concerned that there is no drug for yeast until now. "It's a big problem," said Matthews Fisher at Imperial College London in The New York Times.

"We have been able to treat the antimicrobial patients," said the author of a study on resistant fungi.

Weak people with immune systems are at risk

Health experts say Candida auris is a deadly risk for people with poor immune systems, diabetics or early births. Often, after the infection, numerous groups suffer from the failure of many organs.

Until a few cases, CDC has seen 40% and 60 have been infected with Candida Auris with auris.

However, it is usually impossible to say that the fungus is a really specific cause, in each case it was with serious illnesses.

"For a healthy person, Candida auris is not a threat," Kurzai said. (Ad)

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