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Carlos Ghosn: Nissan wants to review Renault alliance

Carlos Ghosn: Nissan Mitsubishi Ghosn wants to be a boss as well


Carlos Ghosn: Nissan Mitsubishi Ghosn wants to be a boss as well

Following the arrests and dismissals of the director Carlos Ghosn, the Japanese automobile Nissan has allegedly resigned with the French Renault company. Niro's chief, Hiroto Saikawa, has said that the Japanese Kyodo news agency reported Monday on an unnamed source.

The French alliance, Mitsubishi manufacturer, "is not the same", "Saikawa met with staff.

Ghosn, when the executive director of Renault continues, was arrested on November 19 and shot at Nissan last Thursday. According to internationally investigated, another arrested man has blamed the official reports in the Japanese Stock Exchange and underestimated the case of Ghosn. The Japanese media reported that Ghosn spent 5,000 million yen (about 40 million euros) in five years.

Ghosn Japanese media reports will be rejected. According to Japanese criminal law, it can take three weeks without trial.

Likewise, pensions are not apparently determined

In the meantime, with the Japanese company "Nikkei", no mention has been made on Monday, Ghosn has spent a total of 8 million yen pension funded workers for more than eight years. In the "Deferred Commitment", a worker defends a pension plan. Ghosnen's case was about one million yen per year. In the opinion of the public prosecutor, he said that he should report on stock market reports, he said.

Mitsubishi today wants to leave Ghosn

Meanwhile, even Monday's meeting in the Mitsubishi Motors Ghos meeting has been announced by the Japanese leader. The three-time alliances of Ghosn-forged Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi favor Japan, despite the fact that over 50% of Nissan Renault's revenues over recent years, Kyodo continued.

43.4% of Renault Nissan and 34% of Mitsubishi. Nissan has a 15% stake in the French car, but it does not have the right to vote.

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