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Commercial giants signed signatures in the food chain


Commercial giants signed signatures in the food chain

VIENNA. The rules should apply to small farmers and small businesses – from October 2019 to ombudsman suppliers.

Good trading conditions between trade and peasants

Food commodity sizes, Elisabeth Köstinger (left): Xavier Plotitza (Meter), Fritz Poppmeier (Spar), Horst Leitner (Hofer), Christian Schug (Lidl), Marcel Haraszti (Rewe), Frank Hensel and RainerWill Trade Association. Image: (BMNT / Paul Gruber)

The Austrian food competition is hard. In the olden k. The Ministry of War held Stubenring, currently headquartered in various ministries, burying Austrian war chief politicians. Committed directly to Elisabeth Köstinger, Minister of Sustainability and Tourism, directly involved in the food chain joining the Austrian trade association.

The VP politician has a fairer degree in the chain of values ​​as the President of the EU Council and the Austrian Minister. List of dirty practices of commerce: u. a. Shipment of quantities and price changes, disadvantages of goods cancellation, reduction of the list and advertising contributions.

US pioneer

Surprisingly, after a few months of hiccups, the media has made a common vision. Even if the EU approves the minimum business standards, a solution seems to have come to Australia. "We have committed ourselves to establishing a catalog of corrections prepared with the competition competition for the federal competition (BWB)," said the minister yesterday, Monday, at the General Directorate's meeting. In the opinion of the defendant, the accusation will be imposed as subliminal. It is contained in the law, advised, educated and mediated in BWB and counts for conflict. "This is a lack of legal status and practice, a gray area," said Rainer Will, CEO.

His deputy Frank Hensel, previously Austenian Rewe retail director and food eminence in gray, finds that the new harmony of the sector is positive: "We need to work together and we have achieved this for the first time." It is better that the ministry was prepared to get an agreement before the EU regulations. "It was in time:" Otherwise, we will eliminate slavery because nobody wants to have a bad image. "

Profilctic effect

Commitment would not be a gap: "The black sheep will settle quite quickly and the covenant will be profiled."

The initiative comes from the farmer. However, Friedrich Poppmeier's savings council already seems to have a potential confrontation with her: "Many farmers supply us directly and now we must be scary to partner with farmers."

Köstinger explained that ombudsman will look after small and medium-sized businesses. For many farmers, they are linked to food commerce. "Nobody is afraid that if they do not have to notify in the future they are not things," said the politician.

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