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Deadly assault in Innsbruck: the victim killed a kidney


Innsbruck – Did the night go by on Bogenmeille Sunday? This question will allow the 21-year-old boy-in-law of Bregenzer, Ingregator-Straße / Museum Street, to be attacked by a 21-year-old boy, who is unable to understand how many Tyrolean people have been murdered by Vorarlbergers. The police investigation has focused on "why" nowadays.

Likewise, today, the attack was asked whether or not there was any kind of conflict, as it appeared at the beginning: "There are statements that the mind can face in the face of a business, but that's not sure yet," said Christoph Hundertpfund, On Monday, in a conversation. Tirol's newspaperEspecially, the police can not say whether they could face the victims or the perpetrators. However, 24-year-old Afghan detainee after the crime has been arrested by the Innsbruck prison has now brought men to the detention center. Tomorrow or the next day, the magistrate decides to imprison him. "We investigate the suspicion of mortality," said fiscal Thomas Willam, prosecutor of Innsbruck.

Forces in a scene.

After the autopsy, it has now been clarified that a single tip of the neck was finished. This caused a corpse autopsy. Injury can be a serious threat to the survivors.

Video analysis and witness survey

"Interviews that have been interviewed for 21 years, now they have to be interviewed even closer. The specific surveys will begin today," says Hundertpfund. The researchers want to know the case studies of Bogenmeiller's video recording assessment. Once again, it is not clear how long the results will be used.

The first sight of the videos shortly afterwards led to researchers suspected of 24 years of age. "It denies any link, but it is also interviewed a day," said Hundertpfund. In the video, the official acknowledged the alleged author, but the quality of the footage was not very good, it was limited to one hundred pounds. A Afghan friend who was a 20-year-old friend, when he was searched, was arrested.

The injections occurred at the end of the Bogenmeilla Innsbruck at the intersection of Ing.-Etzel-Straße / Museumsstraße.


Attack probably with a knife

On Sunday night, it was deadly on the street Ing.-Etzel-Straße / Museum Street. The next day, victims arrived with friends from Innsbruck for 22 hours and went to Bogenmeill to a bar. The group left around 0.30 watches. When Bregenz was 21 years old, the team was behind and did not notice that he was seemingly persecuted. Although the supporters were aware that it was an old plane, at the age of 21, it was not the first knife, with a sharp object on his neck.

While the attacker went to the north, Vorarlbergers looked after his companion. They gave first aid and resurrected their salvation. But the desperate forces of saving man's life were unsuccessful: he died at Innsbruck Clinic.

Security talk

After the investigation, two Afghan men met, and one of them, after an afternoon hearing, was apparently harsh at the Innsbruck Police Detection Center.

However, perpetrators' quests are still upright, as long as the 20-year-old authorities could not definitely identify.

On Sunday, a massive death of blood was also triggered by controversy over Innsbruck armament areas. Franz Xaver Gruber (VP), the head of security, and members of the Freedom Party, Rudi Federspiel and Markus Abwerzger, sought to ban the use of the court. In fact, the police announced on Sunday afternoon the entry into force on December 1. "The independent night tragic event," the executive emphasized in a press release. (Rena)

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