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Climbing, dance and athletics. Coswig's Michelle Reinhardt 14-year-old youth loves movement and sports challenges. But be careful. For patients with diabetic disease, exercise causes rapid hypoglycaemia. And this can be life threatening. He knows the danger, he has been suffering for seven years. "Michelle is managing her life very well," says her mother, Nadine Reinhardt.

If you feel small blood sugar, you need to rest and take glucose to stabilize blood sugar levels. Members who do not know about the disease seem to have a disease. Today is not. In the end, children and teenagers who join Kamenzer Kletterhalle are currently from "Zuckerkids". Here are all those with diabetes type 1.

"Every two months, parents and children respond to diabetes weekends, and children's attention is fun," says Ralf Tetzner's director. "Donkey rides on Indian weekends, we always try to find something exciting for kids, that they do not have something every day." It's important that they are communities and they do not have injections of insulin and only calculate the carbohydrate units. But parents can also strengthen each other. They have exchange and training options.

Thanks to this commitment, the Ersatzkassen Association has awarded "Zuckerkids" with the self-help price. They adhere to 3000 euros and use "Zuckerkids" well. "At our diabetes weekends, Apolda is always taking diabetic children's children's children free for you and our children," says Ralf Tetzner.

The parent is still a long conversation, do not despair, as Nadine Reinhardt says. Each family has their own experiences. "Michelle had to change the school because they put their classmates' parents in the room, we were dressed, and almost never got any pens," he says. But he did not help. Now Michelle is a private school. Other parents also have trouble finding a diabetic for a school or day center for children. They move on. "The family did not allow children to enroll in an integrative assistant that could not enroll in order to measure and inject children, so the mother stopped working and sat next to her child all day long."

Additionally, it is impossible to get paid services that measure more than a few days in smaller ones. There are few nurses who are completely used. The kindergarten would have so much reflection today that they should worry about not caring for the child, says the team's chief. "There are numerous cuts for parents." The medical help is the next discussion chapter. "There are great achievements, such as biscuits that control insulin pumps or blood sugar, make diabetes easier for children, but you have to fight everything," says Nadine Reinhardt.

During the months, he worked with his health insurance to obtain insulin pumps. She had to inject her daughter seven times a day, usually at night. "Try to explain to your children." And he does not want to complain, because Michelle does his fate for great reason. But parents also have to support their parents to get their children together. This is a torture, and if it is a relief, children should get it as quickly as possible, without fighting and lawyer, because they have to face their lives, "he says.

"In the group, parents talk about bankruptcy and bold strategies, but each family has to fight with each other," says Ralf Tetzner. Always keep up the mind, nowadays you can experience Diabetes Type 1 diabetes. "What it really means is that only the affected ones know". Today, 78 partners have "Zuckerkids". In the future, more and more children will become ill with type 1 diabetes. In this meta-basal disease, the body attacks and destroys insulin cells pancreatic cells. "Especially in children, the number of new cases increases significantly," says Dr. Ralph Ziegler, President of the Pediatric Diabetes Association. "At least four more percent more every year," he says. Why? You can only speculate about it. They suspect that some immune system viruses are disordered. In addition, the genes had a role but less than 2 diabetes. There are only other types of family who have diabetes with only the second type of diabetes, "said Dr. Rüdiger Landgraf of the Diabetes Foundation.

Michelle is also with her family with diabetes. He started with him seven years. It was always thirsty, it was dull and heavily weighted, it had to go overnight at night and the dark circles were long and longer. "When the pediatrician diagnosed, it was a shock," says mother. If these symptoms occur, insulin-forming cells have been destroyed by 80 percent already, his pediatrician said. Nothing left to reverse the process. "You can not avoid diabetes, the illness is a misfortune, you have to deal with it," said Ziegler, the diabetologist.

The success of the University of Dresden. There, babies can test it immediately from birth, to find out if they have a gene to promote the onset of diabetes. Although the diabetes vaccine does not seem so far away. With this genetic mutation, children can give small doses of insulin to protect the pancreas. "This would make it happy for many other children, because now it is not limited to illness," says Nadine Reinhardt.

Unfortunately, the research is too late in today's "Zuckerkids". When most people experience their illness, they are finally chosen as a career. A boy wants the police. It always dreamed, as the mother says. But as it is diabetic, it could be problems. "It's usually very healthy." However, he read a trial, where a young person with type 1 diabetes refused and complained to the right. Immediately apply for his son to practice. Diabetes The fight for parents probably will not stop all of your life. rnw

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