Wednesday , January 27 2021

Diagonal price for the diagonally "Chaos"

The festival was highlighted in Graz's Orpheum Fattahi, which received a € 21,000 prize. Before the event, the jury emphasized the diversity of the Austrian film: "It was very nice to create a small country with different films." Fattahi, who lives in Austria for three years, has been honored with the award and "acknowledging my second home".

"Chaos" is a story about three women in Damascus; One of them is the same director. They live in very different situations and their war experiences have to face the traumatic. While his mourning isolates the environment, another tries to communicate about his art. The war itself has never been seen in Chaos, but always a friend.

A documentary about refugees collaborated

In the meantime, Nathalie Borgers's documentary shows supporters and collaborators on the Lesbos island, seeking refugees looking for a decent burial. In Vienna, 13 relatives have lost their lives in the sea, an assistant who cares for a family of a husband's family.

Borgers received a prize of € 21,000, which was very pleased: "I'm very happy," says Borgers. Above all, joy is so great, as in the film "fortune of families", they pay attention to what is "painful misfortunes". He says he is in a difficult situation with people who flee and "decide for the rest of their lives".

The award ceremony started politically

Two major diagonals of this year were given a number of political agreements by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Gernot Blümel (ÖVP). Initially, Diagonal headed Peter Schernhuber and Sebastian Höglinger contributed greatly to Austrian cultural landscape. Josef Pühringer (ÖVP) mentioned the former Austrian Governor and his Sager "Fürs Stammbuch" with "Culture is the cost, but it costs much more culture".

In ORF's future, the beginning of the financing event was the main theme of the conference. "The request was repeated from the opening speech:" We need politically and economically independent public media and, therefore, we are able to act confidently. "

Blümel himself emphasized the importance of the ORF to the Austrian film: "This only guarantees that Austrian culture will be in the field of television in the long term" and stressed the importance of the ORF Film / Television Agreement. When asked by a moderator, Souss Stach, to support an ORF, Blümel said it was important that it was "sufficient funding".

Prices for "Joy" and "Nevrland" too

In total, prizes were distributed on Saturday afternoon in 17 different categories. Diagonale Actors & # 39; Awards, € 3,000, went to Joy Alphonsus on the movie "Joy", Nigerian Sex Workers and Simon Frühwirth, about the spectacular visual drama Nevrland.

The jury of the young people of the province of Styria selected the new "Chance & Necessity" film. Nicolas Pindeus received a prize of 4,000 euros for the work he has done for 18 years in Vienna.

In the category of "Innovative Film", the German German artist Jennifer Mattes won a prize of 9,000 euros with the film "Wreckage holiday holiday". 30-minute pop-culture, the holiday mornings that start from the sea and the dangers.

Twelve awards of the ORF-funded productions

ORF was very pleased. 28 co-financed productions took part in the festival, giving a total of 12 awards to films sponsored by ORF Film / Television Agreement, including the Golden Nut for Best Documentary.

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