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Earn Win Erste – Wiener Zeitung Online

© M. Hirsch
© M. Hirsch

Vienna. Erste Group has won over the previous year. The profit of the year has increased in the third quarter, 1.8 million euros. Recording profits mainly due to the high economic growth in Eastern Europe. Many were borrowed as lazy, but they will still be returned. Net worth of 59 million euros. Bad loans fell by 4% and 3.2%. Problems with loans have declined in all target countries.

Fear of childhood in Romania
The Erste team was a great success in 2018 in the Czech Republic. In it, the operating result was increased from 701 to 787 million. "The Czech Republic is not in the eurozone and interest rates have risen significantly," explains Erste Group CEO Andreas Treichl.

Bauchwehe, however, prepares Romania. The Government has presented a very controversial bank tax this year according to the urgent decree. In particular, they will determine the amount of these amounts and will cost the local subsidiary of Primary Business, Banca Comercial Romana (BCR). In any case, the team has paid € 100 million for 2019 for this purpose.

In his final year, chief executive Andreas Treichl has earned a profitable profit.In his final year, chief executive Andreas Treichl has earned a profitable profit.© apa / hunter
In his final year, chief executive Andreas Treichl has earned a profitable profit.© apa / hunter

When talking about regulations: "We would like to add more add-ons to add-on regulators to build something extra," said Treichle, in line with Erste Group's rigidity capital ratio, 13.5% this year. "We arrived one year before the forecast". Properly capitalized the bank and prepared all events.

They also rose to private and corporate clients. Private customer deposits were € 5.79m; Consumer loans increased by 7.4%. However, mortgage loans fell 1.75% from 7.33 million euros. Privatkundenvorstand Peter Bosek, on the one hand, offers more rigorous demands for withdrawal. On the other hand, as a result of the rise in real estate prices of virtually all capital cities. The availability of property is a family problem.

In the case of corporate clients, small and medium-sized businesses were driven by growth drivers. Here are six more points. The strongest increase, that is, on the 30th, was Serbia. While the income rose, the expenditure of the group was almost 4.2 million euros, although sales rose sharply in many Eastern European countries. The number of workers fell from 47,702 to 47,397. This year, and how many branches could be this year, the table does not mean. Australia has a large number of horns due to its rural structure. Whether they are closed largely customer behavior.

Unstable political situation
With the development of the economy, the group is somewhat more positive than the expectations. Thus, it has been economically developed in Eastern Europe – compared to the forecasts of the US economist Paul Krugman – much better and faster. Treichl's political environment is more concerned than the economic environment. It is unstable as a critical trade war between Romania, Brexit, China and US.

George with his Internet banking platform, the first one becomes more active in East Asian daughters and extends it to other neighboring countries.

Last year, Erste Group wants to distribute a dividend of 1.40 euros per share. The previous year was 1.20 euros. Whether or not the dividend payment will be higher, Treichl replied: "Very sadly if the 2019 dividend is not higher than 2018." Treichler leaves the management of the team at the end of 2008, directing it. Since 1997, he has been CEO of Erste Bank, now a group subsidiary. He retired to Erste Foundation (Erste Group's shareholder).

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