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Even when the heart can have cancer, it may happen

Heart disease is the main cause of death in Germany, cancer and a long way. There is rarely two combinations: heart cancer. But he is there.

The tumors in the heart are very rare. Whether or not there is a three month evolution, good tumors are life threatening and should be removed as soon as possible in the surgery.

First-class cardiac tumors are particularly rare

A study suggests that two major heart-centered tumors (at heart) occur every year with about 1.38 in more than 100,000 people, reports in the American Heart Association.

Genetic malformation can be a cause

The pulmonary heart from the lungs, the chest, or other parts of the body is extended, such as Monika Leja, at Cardel's Cardiovascular Center in Cardiff, according to the cardiologist of Ann Arbor.

If tumors develop in the heart, it is likely that "anomaly genetic outcome," Leja said. The heart is not a common place for cancer growth.

Cancer does rarely affect connective tissue

The reason for this is heart composition, as explained by Scott Schuetze, a professor at the University of Michigan. The heart is therefore a connective tissue that is not cancer. Usually tumors develop in epithelial tissues such as prostate, breast, intestines, pancreas, abdominal, esophagus, and skin, and do not bleed.

Heart disease often causes blood vessels

Heart can suffer from diseases that cause blood vessels. Schuetze names as examples of atherosclerosis and hypertension. Because the heart's blood flow is very dependent on its work, it also has diseases that affect the heart muscle or pumping function.

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