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Facebook increases sales, profits and user numbers

30.01.2019 22.34

Online today, 10:34 p.m.

While Facebook goes through the crisis for this month, the main networking business in the world does not suffer as a result. In the Christmas quarter, Facebook has increased its annual revenue by 30% and $ 16.9 million (14.8 million euros), as announced by Facebook.

Every month the number of active users was around 50 million, respectively. Approximately 2.7 million people use at least one group application, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

The bottom line was nearly $ 6,900 million. Similar to sales, profits are expectations of analysts. One year ago earnings with a comparison of $ 4.27 million, however, is not significant, because at that time a tax deduction from the US tax reform was overdue.
== Paid teens paid ==

In the meantime, Facebook criticism does not stop: according to a TechCrunch tech news portal, Mark Zuckerberg's team from 2016 offers money to users to keep track of everything. Teenagers have the opportunity to participate. Facebook is using the spy app on Apple's prohibition and it is under pressure.

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