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FC Bayern: PK direct-ticker – Does Kovac make comments on shipments?

Saturday is the Leverkusen Bayern match. A more important orchestra: if the coach says Kovace, the FCB still replaces Sandro Wagner? PK's live ticker.

  • Bayern defeated the Bundesliga match of the first season on Saturday. The champion champion is invited to Bayer Leverkusen.
  • Sandro Wagner welcomed FC Bayerni. The attacker will go to Tianjin Teda FC. Is FC Bayern still a substitute?
  • Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben are coaches again. Is it enough on Saturday?
  • What is the idea of ​​the Kovac coach?

13:57: So that's it! End of the earth There was nothing wrong with the big commercial announcements. Wagner's replacement was also awaited. Otherwise, except Thiago (neuromuscular problems), all players use the Leverkusen match. The Spaniard will decide tomorrow if they play. Whether it's a robbery or not, it's time to wait.

13:49, Kovac about the possible rotation next week: "This is a problem in the first two or three weeks. You have only one week game, so great sports do not change. Changes now, now English weeks are starting again, so we can give one or more players a minute. Not so blasphemous as he was in the first round against Augsburg. It's important that a player puts his workout. "

Clock 13.44, Kovac again about a copy missing from Lewy: "We need to find one of the first players, they can be two representatives in the world, it will be up and running and it will not hurt, it's an Adonis. If I need a break I do not have trouble playing with Serge or Thomas. Müller is invisible. He wakes up and meets all my position with my whole satisfaction. "

13:42, in the life of Kovac coaches: "Justify Thomas Doll when he is no longer worthy of respect, he says. The buses are just as enthusiastic as in my time."

13:38, Kovac injured: "Thiago was not training today, it has neuromuscular problems. We hope that it will be available tomorrow and the weekend."

13:36, about Kovac Leverkusen: "Really, the team is really good, and Heiko Herrliche was good too, they are playing harder under Bosz, they have a lot to do with their actions – we're going to have a real fight at the weekend – we should be careful and will not interfere with the loss of the gallery, where it sends ".

13:35, Kovac announced at the entrance to the news: "The teams do not want to leave their player, we have a good and great player, this weekend I have to leave another one or two at home. Well, I'm well positioned.

13:32, Kovacek talks about the departure of Wagner: "Someone can play this attitude by Müller and Gnabry, and Gnabry DFB also plays, so we made a transfer. We are no longer active in the transfer market."

13:31: Nearly the Niko Kovac season gets underway at the press conference.

13:27: It starts in a few minutes. Niko Kovace is a curious thing to show.

In addition, FC Bayern has six places in the Borussia Dortmund. Ironically, Bayer 04 is a difficult game outside Leverkusen.

However, Niko Kovacekin's press conference will be fundamentally different: transfers.

The day of the match, after the farewell of Sandro Wagner, Bayern coaches will probably be questioned.

Will Bayern still get a spare Wagner? Will James stay or summer? And what does Callum Hudson-Odoi mean?

PK direct ticker: Sandro Wagner, will replace Mr Kovac?

Sporty Bayern can probably fall into a part of Robbie's dublin. Or are they playing against Leverkus?

Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry coached themselves during the week.

Interesting for the FCB: Dortmund competitors will have a heavy trip on Eintracht Frankfurtera weekend. Kovacen's old club to approach Bayern?

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