Friday , August 19 2022

First babies born with design genes – News


Huge Riot in Hong Kong: The scientific researcher at Shenzhen Jiankui announced a sensation about international genetic technology. Next week, there will be a lecture.

"Two and two Chinese girls named Lulu and Nana cried out and said they were just as healthy as some other babies a few weeks ago," said Jianku on a YouTube video. The embryo intervention still young Crispr / Cas9 aims to become a resistant to HIV, and there is no scientifically evaluated act.

Researcher Gene Jiankui. Credit: Picturedesk

What is the designer baby?

The child's genetic material has already been determined by researchers. For example, genetic diseases can be ruled out. Specific genes can also exclude resistance to HIV infection, researchers said.

But, in most Western countries, this technology is not ethical and strictly prohibited.

The scientist Jiankuik AFP has claimed that seven genetic material for scientists has been defined and artificially collected.

In one case, according to the scientist, it was a success – twins with genetic designers!

There is no specific information about babies or parents. It's still anonymous.

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