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Flu or cold? These are the main differences

Do you feel tired and abused? If the infection of harmful infections indicates that there is a symptom behind the symptoms or a real flu.

Colds and flu viruses tend to be in the morning in the winter. When scratching in the throat, the nose is running, the head is spreading pain and fever and limb, the immune system must work at full speed. But how does a cold cold, a flu-like infection, a real flu? The most important symptoms of the disease at a glance.

"I've got a flu," the patient smiles a lot and bumps the cloth. But there are many issues with this assessment. Even though the doctor's diagnosis suggests a flu infection, it's really a cold cold. Although viruses cause cold viruses, they are far more aggressive than the flu virus.

Influenza: the main symptoms

Flu is an infectious disease that is highly contagious, especially during the season, during the months of November and February in the winter months. As soon as the cold starts, the flu suddenly occurs. The patient feels well and the next day he has suffered severe headache and body fat, and cold and fatigue too.

Fever and strong sweats are other symptoms. In general, the thermometer is more than 38 degrees and it can increase up to 41 degrees. But the infected people are not fever. However, the flu must also be healed.

The flu of the patient is not able to cope with everyday life, and we need to go to bed. Severe fatigue and fatigue disease. A little later, coughs and colds have often been added.

Flu or cold?

Conversely, a cold begins slowly with high respiratory tract infections, usually caused by colds. As a general rule, the discomfort in the throat becomes more noticeable, which can lead to severe sore throat. During the mucous bumps the waves and the nose begin.

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The affected person feels that he is "closed". Other features include headache, nose nose, painful cough, hearing impairment and pressure on the ears. Flu-like infections last for a week. It is important to protect yourself, to sleep enough and to avoid effort, otherwise it can spread the infection.

Flu treatment

Specialized anti-virus influences (called neuraminidase inhibitors) prevent viruses from replacing viruses. It is able to alleviate the illness and cut off the average day. However, drugs work only for the first two days of the flu. If the disease progresses, neuraminidase inhibitors will remain normal; Intake is no longer recommended.

The most important measures to treat flu are plenty of rest and drinking. It is recommended, for example, tea with linden tea, old tea, chamomile tea or sage tea.

Pain and fever medication to relieve headache and body flu. In severe flu, the symptoms of the disease are commonly caused by bacteria. Antibiotics allow these bacteria to kill them, but they do not support the flu virus.

Home remedies for influenza

Home remedies are best suited to alleviate flu symptoms.

  • Chicken soup and ginger are anti-inflammatory honey.
  • Beef rolls reduce fever. Wet hands (ambient temperature) must be collected at the bottom of about 20 minutes at the bottom. Do not use shivering or shivering.
  • Very concentrated sage tea or salt water with the help of sore throat pain. Gamble for a few minutes.
  • Thymian cut is painful. Take the tomato or throat syrup to your drink.
  • With the help of ear ankle, rolled in a towel and then put it in your ear.
  • Try to inhale periodically. Seed, chamomile, tea tree oil, sage or salt are particularly suitable.
  • The membranes of the mucous membranes do not irritate them any more, so you should have enough moisture in the rooms.
  • You can see more tips in our presentation. If you suffer from severe cough, the remedies of the grandmother's home cough.

Flu duration

Flu is much colder than cold. The pure duration of the disease usually occurs within five or seven days, with individual symptoms that last up to 14 days. Some patients need several weeks to recover completely. People with impaired immune systems can endanger the flu. These are chronically ill, children and elderly. Pregnant women may suffer from flu viruses because the immune system is a special alert for protecting the unborn baby.

How contagious is the flu?

It's a flu infection very contagious especially after the first symptoms appear four or five days. Influenza viruses are transmitted by sweating, coughing, speech or breathing, which floats in air over long periods and the hours continue to be infectious. Viruses are transmitted by contaminated objects or surfaces.

Although people already infected with the virus, but still without symptoms, they can infect others. The virus or the vulnerable defense system may have a longer virus. The period of incubation, that is, the start of the infection time flu, usually only one day or two.

Cold (an infection like the flu) usually takes two or eight days in the maturity period. Especially if the patient has symptoms, the cold ones are also infectious. However, since ordinary cold viruses are not highly contagious they need to insert nose or eyes into mucous membranes. The most commonly collected is to reach your hands and then touch your eyes or nose. For this reason, cleaning habits, for example, is a particularly important cleaning detergent.

Violent flu endangers life

An inadequate cure for a flu can have serious consequences. If the virus spreads throughout the body and spreads to the heart, in the worst case, it causes dangerous inflammation of the heart muscle. It reduces palpitations, severe muscle pain and respiration. If these symptoms occur after a cold or flu, the doctor should be consulted.

flu shot

You can get a flu vaccine due to certain types of viruses. Above all, chronic illnesses, over 60 years of age and pregnant women should be vaccinated, because the flu causes higher risks. However, the flu vaccine never provides 100% protection, as it causes influenza viruses, but not all of the circulation. The vaccine, however, significantly reduces the risk of the disease.

Flu protection protects the entire flu season. It must be done before the start of the flu, it takes a 14-day period to respond to the immune system. They are recommended in October and November.

As flu viruses change rapidly, vaccines must be reproduced every year and the vaccine is renewed every year. The health insurance and vaccine system paid for the 2018/2019 flu season is a more effective three-quarter vaccine, which protects four flu virus variants.

Flu Wave 2018

According to Robert Koch Institute, 5 to 20 percent of the population is estimated to be infected with a flu epidemic, Germany is 4 to 16 million people. But not all infected people are ill. There should be a visit to doctors every year and seven million. In 2018, more than 313,000 people were diagnosed on April 1, but the real number is likely to increase significantly, since all patients did not test pathogens.

Influenza for children

With regard to children and children, the actual flu is particularly noticeable. Breast flakes, great fever, often eruption, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, are probably the symptoms of common diarrhea flu on toddlers. What symptoms parents have to say about the flu and have children watch their doctors immediately.

Flu during pregnancy

If you suffer from coughing, nose collar and breathing during pregnancy, you can relax. As long as symptoms are not very serious, the cold will not harm your baby in your stomach. Even severe coughing or tightening can be enough ammonia through fluid.

However, you should take care of your cold treatment, because the blood passes through the baby through the umbilical cord. Therefore, if you are pregnant, especially home remedies and natural remedies. It is also important to get your doctor's advice and care. Above all, at the beginning of pregnancy, you should take a cold, and ask your doctor for a consultation.

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You should also consider whether your child should react to home remedies or natural remedies. If you do not think you should stop the treatment and consult a doctor.

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