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Flu or cold? These are the symptoms!

The flu caused by flu also causes viruses. These viruses are cunning and changing: they are constantly changing. Each year, therefore, a new seasonal vaccine must be developed to fight against current viruses. Actual flu virus is more dangerous than cold.

Cold – annoying, but usually harmless

Cold – or flu infection – is a simple infection of the respiratory system. Infections are caused by 200 different viruses transmitted by lubrication or droplet infections. Viruses are multiplied in the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. Wet-cold promotes the spread of "bad weather" colds.

You're sick with "flu"

Influenza often begins suddenly, often it feels "right" in an ill one hour. Especially if you get a high fever (more than 39 degrees). Whether you're still a job or not, you do not have to lie down in bed. Cold and strong body and muscle soreness often join.

Risk groups are particularly at risk

For high risk groups, a serious illness is a risk because of the increased risk of serious illnesses. Flu can lead to life-threatening complications – the most important is the inflammation of bacterial lungs or heart muscles. It can be deadly. These treatment courses should be treated as soon as possible with antiviral drugs, otherwise life-threatening complications can arise, especially in immunocompromised individuals.

Cold – Cough, dry nose, hoarseness

With the flu infection, colds prevail and one feels relaxed. Other typical symptoms: mild fever, body pain, sore throat, cough. Many still drag on the job, not very smart, because the cure has been delayed and colleagues are infected. You'd better be home-healing and drinking a lot. At the same time, breathing and nasal nases alleviate symptoms. You will also be able to alleviate the symptoms of drug mitigation.

Incorrect combination: cold and sport

Cold, but training should not endure? Everyone should pay attention to what the body says. If it is not boring, you should put stress in the recovery. If you start exercising or training soon, your immune system will become weakened. The consequences are permanent performance, fatigue and fatigue. In the worst case they threaten the inflammation of the heart muscles, causing death and infections, if the virus is still confident with bacteria.

The doctor determines the virus that is treated

If you have a severe flu or flu infection, the doctor can actually be determined. Using the throat skin causes viruses. They help to heal the calming, feverish, or antipyretic medicines.

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