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Frank Elstner touched on Jan Böhmermann: "They buried me once"

In a new Youtube program, interviewed by Frank Elstner Jan Böhmermann. One day after the awful confession of Parkinson.

Update from April 26: Frank Elstner (77) Parkinson's. Confessing the disease has shaken its enthusiasts. The moderator does not allow Parkinson yet. On the contrary, "Wetten, dass …?" – The inventor launches his new talk on the Youtube video platform, the television legend follows "Wetten, das war das ..".

Frank Elstner is really a true professional picture it becomes light When Elstner was deliberately choosing to predict his illness, he said: "Of course, after reporting my illness, everyone asks me: are you still going to watch TV?"

Frank Elstner is very ill by the moderator: "Mr. Böhmermann, once you have buried me"

Update from April 25: Shock Confession is the first public look after it: at the premiere of its new Youtube show "Wetten, das war das ..?" Frank Elstner meets Jan Böhmermann in the Cologne Senftöpfchen theater conversation. And immediately the first scenes are: "Mr Böhmermann once buried me," Elstner begins. Böhmermann devours the answers: "Not personally, but in the context of a program that produces my production company …"

Frank Elstner: "A goodbye to his audience saying goodbye"

Elstner continues: "Well, it was my end, and now it's about my end, because it's one of my last shots, that is, they are sitting at two tables, one that is slow to listen to their listeners, and the other in the midst of life. with great success. "Therefore, the words that were known against the backdrop of Parkinson's disease on the previous day. For almost an hour, both of them talk about illusions about current issues, but the Damocles sword depends on the dramatic revelation of the previous day.

Frank Elstner is seriously ill: the television legend confronts a great deal of conversation

Berlin – In an interview with "Die Zeit", Frank Elstner television presenter made a sad statement. "Wetten, dass …" inventor Parkinson was sick. Now, five years ago, a 77-year-old boy had already suspected that something was wrong. Then he said: "When I took a glass I shook." Three years ago, the diagnosis continued, but his closest friends and family did not know about the illness.

Frank Elstner has a serious illness: The Moderator acknowledges

Elstner still does not complain about his problems with dysphagia, but the disease does not leave any trace. "If I did not take the pill earlier this morning, I would be shaken now, if I take it, it will last for a few hours and I hope that it will be for other years," said the television legend. However, Elstner did not cause too much disease. After all, he was "the repressive world champion".

Frank Elstner is seriously ill: "I'm not built for television"

Elstner thinks he's quite thoughtful about the mobile conversation, asking him to take care of his television career for his health. "I did not build for television. I have a broken eye, so it starts." He was a compassionate person, he always had to go. "I only played Frank Elstner," Elstner admits.

However, despite his serious illness, the 77-year-old, however, does not want to retire from the public. On April 25, "Wetten, das war ..?" The new talk begins on YouTube. As the moderator acknowledges dialogue, he expects the natural vision of his illness to come soon. "Then I will tremble," says Elstner. That happens every year, it will be a wonderful year.

In Markus Lanz's interview with Elstner, he also explained his illness.

Video: At that time, they already suspected Parkinson's with Frank Elstner

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