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Freistend new details about the city's chaos


Freistend new details about the city's chaos

Freistadt. Councilors Gnther Steinkellner (FP) and Mayoress Elisabeth Paruta-Teufer (VP) will receive the Freistend Citybus Mhlviertler state aid for Nachrichten on Monday following Monday.

Freistadt new and quick detail about urban bus chaos

Freistend Citybus Picture: Pramhofer

The Brgerliste "Wir Fr Freistadt" (WIFF) has called for the debates on the definitive reintroduction of Citybusses.

Incorrect numbers in town hall

"The decision to stop the bus as it turns out now is based on the false representation of the mayor. Thanks to zero euros for the next year, Freistadt would have to pay about 33% of costs, about 60,000 euros, every year from the state," says WIFF parliament group President Rainer Widmann.

"Widening expects a miracle of Christmas and a re-usable local public transport project for coastal reasons," City Mobility, "which could not be used to replace the city bus.

"In my opinion, Citymobil, cooperating with all political groups, offers us a good long-term opportunity," said the Mayor, Paruta-Teufer, defending the public transport system. "I can offer it to everyone. Urban mobility has many advantages: you can get it from home or from your location, it is not a link for passengers and permanent travelers, Citymobil shares at least People with cheaper ones."

City Hall was not invited

SP city councilor, Sonja Seifried, who is in charge of transport issues, is hush. He was not invited to interview with Gnther Steinkellner: "When I learned about conversation, I forgot it." Seifried stated that the urban bus does not receive national help. He has only learned from the 33 percent of the 33-percent Landfalls.

"The outcome of an elaborate debate was different because the parties already have this information," said Seifried in his opinion: "In a sudden solidarity, I would like Landgård Steinkellner to make a commitment in the long term, Mrs. Brgermeister is communicated." (Directly)

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