Saturday , January 16 2021

"From the fog literature" attracted 1,000 visitors to Heidenreichstein

Heidenreichstein (APA) – A summary of the unpublished novel "The Jesus of Death" by J. M. Coetze, read by writer and actor Corinna Kirchhoff, ended in Saturday's "Literature in the Mist" 13 on Heidenreichstein. More than 1,000 visitors gathered to participate in a two-day event in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize winner in South Africa and Australia.

He finished the book "Jesus Childhood" and "Jesus's Education" trilogy. Topo flight and migration. Born in Cape Town in 1940, the author has always linked his own biographies with the basics of political and moral elements. Jan Wilm, a German-speaking cultural and literary expert, described these ties in the light study of Coetzee's novel "Wairando de los Barbaros" (1980) and concluded that torture at every moment we live in, and how we should look, how to live We were with him and what decisions we took.

A very descriptive example of working translation has helped Reinhild Böhnke to transfer Coetzees books in German since 1998. Translation is always an interpretation and needs to know what is the author's intentions, says Böhnke. Coetzee Challenge u.a. mentioning open and secret references, literary references and historical references, ironically obscuring the non-greed, and finding a specific formulation that is not German. This work is often honored. In any case, Böhnke was pleased that "he has not received so much recognition in the last days".

Many celebrities were among the audience, former vice-chancellor Franz Vranitzky (SPÖ), and Franz Schnabl (SPÖ) from Austria's deputy MP, Rudolf Scholten's opening ceremony, Kathrin Zechner's ORH program and Ö1 Peter Klein's director. Andrea Schurian was effectively demonstrated through the Bettina Hering program. Coetzee immortalized Heidenreichsteiner's literature in the forest, all the previous guests worked on a tree with a hornbeam. 14th edition of "Literatura en la niebla" is still unknown. In edition

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