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Google+: It's the shadow schedule

Now it will not be when the lights that are going to fall in autumn will be released on Google. (Source: Google / t3n)

More people die. In February, Google announced that the social network would be too slow to close Google+. Now is the timetable.

Google will interrupt Google's social network for a long time. That's why it's amazing to disassemble it so slowly and slowly. Many social media tools are no longer allowed to send to Google +, Google has announced that its social network will not remain until October 2019. Those who want this content should do it on April 2 according to Google ad. At this time, your personal Google+ profile and Google+ page may not be supported. Likewise, photos and videos and album archive are deleted. Google offers a download flow. After all, there is a simple habit of creating an archive.

In addition, the company has stated that the deletion will take several steps from that moment and may take several months. Therefore, this content can still be activated in the network. You must be aware of users as of the beginning of April, at least not editing or deleting on a regular basis.

Google signing in will be replaced with Google's session

Next Monday (February 4), no new content will be created. This leads to simple messages and, of course, pages, communities and events. Special solutions for community moderators and administrators will be available in March. The expected data is provided with the correct metadata to be imported to other networks. The Google + login solution will not be available at all (Google will not provide details here). However, it is planned to provide Google's on-the-go solutions, so access to Google accounts is still possible.

In the end, but not least, Blogs is a Google+ solution for commenting. The shadow will be between March 4 and 7. Comments can be downloaded at least until early April.

G-Suite lives on Google+!

Google + accounts will only be active under the G-Suite, for example, special corporate networks. Of course, new functionalities can not be expected here, but they are a new UI and a new design. Additionally, Google does not report Google's search results on Google's disappearance of content content. The social network has been a good search for many years.

Tip: A well-known alternative group (including Facebook's commonly referred to as Linkedin) and MeWe networks, have definitely ad-free, adware-free and basic (well-meaning) equipment. The whole thing is financed through premium accounts.

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