Thursday , June 24 2021

Google's appetite for data is amazing

After the punishment of the European Union sanctions (renewed), there is already a bad news in Europe to Google. For example, the advocate of consumerism in seven European countries wants to act against data on the use of giant Internet data. In Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Sweden, it was announced in conjunction with the data protection authorities, the European Consumer Protection Association (BEUC) on Tuesday.

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The location reveals a lot of information

Germany's consumer association Bundesverband (vzbv) therefore examines a trial. The consumer advocates argue that the US company violates the European Data Protection General (DSGVO) with users' harassment. "Places can raise awareness about people, religious beliefs, political beliefs, health status and sexual orientation"he said in a message.

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There is no right to use the data

The Google operating system can be found around two million Android smartphones around the world. The company used several tricks to keep track of location tracking by users or not. The collected data would then be used for a variety of purposes: including targeted advertising. However, Google has no legal reason to use these data, and consequently violates the EU's lawyer's consumer advocacy. Authorization of data collection and processing users is not voluntarily granted in relation to these situations.

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"Stunningly wide"

"Google's appetite for data is obvious, but it's a wonderful measure of monetization and money-earning."said CEO Beuc, Monique Goyens.

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