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Grasser trial: Meischberger highlights a fake villa contract

Grasser trial: Meischberger highlights a fake villa contract

VIENNA. The secretary general of the FPÖ led Walter Meischberger to a quarrel of defensive tactic that led to court sued for the Strafland Court of Vienna.

Defendant Walter Meischberger in front of court Marion Hohenecker Image: APA / Hanz Punz

The second day, Marion Hohenecker has already defended himself against the court, who signed a contract for the sale of his villa.

He explains why he still rescues his home away from home, even if the building sells for a tax debt or as Mischberger has promised. Now, the new owners demanded unpleasantness, while Meishberger set up civilian clothes – false information, the prosecution claimed, and therefore accused him of trial fraud. In the end, politicians were forced to leave Döblinger Villa.

Defense speaks of rented rent

Today, Thursday morning, Meisterber Lawyer Jörg Zarbl, the Vienna Strawlander, stressed that Meischberger's behavior would not have the effect, because the accused was not accused of the new owner, because Meischberger paid $ 5,000 against the ban. Attorney Alexander Marchart did not apply it, because this was not a rent, but a security deposit, Delogierung was delayed. He spoke of the "ordinary grenades" of the defense.

The process fraud process, when it is a sole proponent of Meischberger, is included in the Judgment judgment of Grasser. Judges, judges, prosecutors and defense lawsuits report to Meishberger after questioning the process, selling Buwog's headquarters and selling corruption in Terminal Tower Linz's tax houses. For the first time, the defender is former minister of Karl-Heiner Grasser (FPÖ / ÖVP), the second is Meischberger.

The procedure has been extended for a year and, on February 19, the procedure will begin, that is, the first witnesses will come. The most important events are former cabinets under the blue-blue government of the Government of the Government of Poland (ÖVP) Wolfgang Schüssel. The prosecutor has confirmed that Grasser and his friends earn money to privatize the winning state of money to earn money, Grasser and Meischberger refuse. However, former former lobbyists Peter Hochegger defended the partial recognition of the trial.

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