Monday , July 4 2022

Guilty "tooth curls" – doctors warn illnesses


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In Germany, the spread of new diseases is increasing. In "reports", dentists can not yet determine the exact cause of "toothbrushes".

According to the report, more and more dentists are more commonly called "curly tooth" in children. The teeth gradually crumble, yellowish white and brownish brown and very hot, cold or chemically stimulating.

The surface of the tooth is also rough and calcareous. Also, in the dental decay you can "endure tooth teeth" much more.

The German Association of Dental, Oral, and Maxillofacial Surgery reported that the disorder of enamel mineralization is present. They can create disorders of pregnancy, infectious diseases, antibiotics, varicella, dioxin and respiratory system.

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However, the exact cause does not stop, write medical associations.

According to Norbert Krämer, President of Pediatric Dentistry Associations, on average, 15% of ten and ten children suffer from this illness. Recent investigations also show that twelve-year-olds would still be up to 30%.

Chalk teeth are therefore called a new spread illness, Krämer.

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The disease, that is, the incisive hypomineralization molar referred to in the induction (MIH), was first described in 1987. Nowadays, the illness is increased. In this way, the first tooth damage was also increased in the eighth month of pregnancy.

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