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"He slept he was born": he was murdered by the TV starling in the UK

What a fate's fate is Kirsty-Leigh Porter and his fiancée Paul Barber. Until a few weeks ago, the British actor saw her first baby as very enthusiastic in the social media: full of enthusiasm, the actress "Hollyoaks" shared her baby and pregnancy updates. Now he had to deliver sad news to fans: His little daughter has died.

On her InstagramThe bill was announced tonight on Tuesday night, bad news: "Our lovely little girl, Penny-Leigh Barber, came to the world at 6:49 a.m. in December, she was 29 weeks and three days, and my heart never felt bad pain."He thought he was 30 years old to show his daughter's daughter's daughter's hospital and hospitality. Fortunately and unfortunately, Kirsty continued: "Let's sleep well, our little angel, we always love you, your mother and dad, mine and all."

The actor and his partner Paul would be the first children. Only the couple in November made a conversation with the British Ok magazine His public expectations of fantasy – In just a few months, two are now prevented.

Kirsty-Leigh Porter in December 2018Instagram / kirststarburstImage Gallery button
Kirsty-Leigh Porter in December 2018
Kirsty-Leigh Porter via InstagramInstagram / kirststarburst

Kirsty-Leigh Porter via Instagram
Paul Barber and Kirsty-Leigh PorterInstagram / kirststarburst

Paul Barber and Kirsty-Leigh Porter

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