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How Bruno Labbadia heads VfL Wolfsburg upwards

One year ago, Bruno Labbadia worked for VfL Wolfsburg coach and debuted his self-humorous singing song for his fans: "We'll be back, we'll never be back, we'll be Bruno Labbadia," said the supporters. Subsequent threat to the Bundesliga Club.

Sunday at VfL Wolfsburg at home at Werder Bremen (at 18:00 hours / SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: Sky). This time, fans must receive Labbadia. Doubts, applause – humor turned on. In the second lap they fight for Wolfsburg in the second half, they are in fifth place, and the Champions League is four points. That's also Labbad's merit. He has not only developed young people but himself. However, clubs and coaches go in different ways in the summer.

There is no easy relationship with the Schmadtke director

The "kicker" and the Wolfsburg media reported that Labbadia and VfL CEO Jörg Schmadtke did not maintain good relations. There are also different approaches to the strength of the team. The Labbadia contract expires in the summer so they can not talk about continuous employment. Schmadtke should face other coaches' personalities. And Labbadia? She enjoys her independence and can receive new offers quickly. Wolfsburg's market value has increased.

When Labbadia started at VfL, he still had a reputation as a fireman. In the short term it could motivate a group and to save the fall, he could not further develop, they said.

At first, the 53-year-old did not face this reputation. On the contrary. His team called for "close work" and "commitment to act". Regular fall battle phrases. He added to his players ten hours in the day and had not allowed their smartphones to dine. Regular fall battle measures. In that place, Wolfsburg scratched, bit and fought. Regular fall battle soccer. Tactical development First of all, no indication. Only the fall against Kiel managed VfL League.

Wolfsburg suddenly is a ball possession team

But Labbadia also said that his reputation did not assume a fall as coach: the Wolfsburg team has many good footballers – "it would be wrong to leave that force." For the new season, this party worked in detail. His players prepared a 4-3-3 system based on fast pace and great prevalence. After VfL counterattack, he was the owner of the ball in soccer. In the first round, the wolf had the third highest level in this category (55%), more than Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

Above all, the game of Labbadia animated wings. They were pushing ahead forward. VfL's Wout Weghorst Labbadiak has exactly the kind of strikes that this type of soccer needs. The Dutch player has scored nine goals, all within the penalty area.

Technically more flexible

The team does not play Tiki Taka in football. Labbadak has a great force injecting a dense anti-ball movement. His Wolfsburg dominates aggressive pressure too. They did not score 23 goals. Labbadiak combines with ordinary football fighters, sharing more players – a fall battle and a European Cup soccer mix.

Coach has become more flexible. In descent, the central diamond changed to a system. That way, along with Weghorst, along with Daniel Ginczek, he could play a different striker. Harmonized Duo brilliantly until Ginczek injured. So Wolfsburg easily returned the 4-3-3. These systems change in the middle of the season to Labbadia.

Josuha Guilavogui (l.)


Josuha Guilavogui (l.)

He also continues to develop several Wolfsburg players. Above all, Admir Mehmedi, 27, has improved a lot. Labbadia is one of the most important player, however: Josuha Guilavogui.

Six years afterwards, it balances the team. The team can prove its value: without Guilavogui, 28, VfL won four games, three times lost and lost eight. Together with Guilavogui, Wolfsburg won seven games without losing the game twice.

Above all, the French convinced the defense. Also, SPIX demonstrates a classification by data algorithm: Guilavogui has the second highest value of the league defense midfielders, but Bayern Thiago makes a break.

Wolfsburg, a great hero of those days, is called Bruno Labbadia. Mostly, the VfL transformation allows a drop in nomination with the Europa League contenders. Wolfsburgi is a special story that does not work here. So far, it has been a success for clubs and coaches.

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