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How the iconic shooter has changed the ongoing game history – GIGA


Half-Life appeared in Germany 20 years ago and has changed the history of video games forever. At present, the consequences of the extraordinary shooter are remarkable.

They were only five years old in 1993, and the first version of Doom's published in Half-Life, but it seems that two games differentiate one generation. In the mid 1990s the shooter primarily concept "Run the level to the end and kill all opponents " followed by stories and stories by hand or handwritten, Half-Life picked up narrative options at a new level,

The story of the physicist Gordon Freeman is very popular in the Black Mesa research room to face an invasive invader. But it's a special thing how this story is told. Instead of constant trust, you have the whole experience without interrupting Morgan Freeman's eyesThe story takes place around you and is part of the game. A small feeling in 1998.

However, the valve GoldSrc engine must be used. Instead, each of the game buyers received an editor, with their creations and especially Mods. More games than Half-Life gave players to implement their views,

The most famous of these projects is part of the culture of the game and part of it eSports's popularization of today's format: Counter strike. The tactical shooter was originally designed as a modification to Half-Life, until it recognizes the potential of the Valve project and the young modem as the official developer of the official table.

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Video shooter's first person shooter.

Valve modifiers opened the way to other young talents. Thus, two official extensions appeared in Half-Life: Opposing Force and Blue Shift. He linked both major event events of the game with an alternative perspective, from the US Marines, and from Barney's point of view. eThese two versions were developed by Studio Gearbox software yet youngstersThe Borderlands series was created ten years later.

This was the first prank, but …

In 2003 the Half-Life saga began the next chapter. In E3, he presented a presentation of thirty minutes of Valve Half-Life 2 Technically everything that existed before was shoutingIn addition to realistic animated faces and water effects The new source engine of the game has surprised most in the management of physicsThis form has not existed. In particular, Gravity Gun, a weapon that allows manipulating objects, has been in memory of many players this day.

One of the most important Half-Life 2 games, however, did not happen with the game. The game was first solitaire game Steam platform forwardThe valve was designed in advance as a trigger for Counter-Strike, automatically providing vendor updates. A program that connects your games to an online account? 2004 scandalWhat do you think of Valve logs if the servers shut down? What do I want to recover my game? Steam resistance was great, but thanks to Half-Life 2, everyone was at risk, A few years later, Steam was difficult to imagine in any game game.

However, Valve Steam does not only offer its games. Once again, the creativity of young developers should be encouraged, since 2005 and offered indie games on the platform and, therefore, the possibility of AAA productions was expanded.

Although there were two expansive episodes of Half-Life 2, though The series ended in October 2007 with a cliffhanger wickedSince then, Half-Life has been a tremendously peaceful environment and Half-Life's 3-day hope has still been a hope. But that could be a good reason.

Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were not good games, they revolutionized the world of the game. Half-Life 3 claim is not applicable. But what is the next step? Valves transformed modding, story teller, eSports and digital distribution with the Half Life series, What challenges are still open to Half-Life 3?? Maybe virtual reality For most players, futuristic glasses are still expensive gadgets. And who knows – Half-Life 3 VR can change this exclusively,

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