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I drew a cross with my forehead & # 39;

His luck is moving to fans of Formula One. Above all, there are very few people in today's health status.
Hopefully new words are now available Georg Gänswein Archbishop. On the current day of "Bunte", the Archbishop celebrated a 7-year World Champion in summer 2016.

Gänswein describes the encounter:
"I sat in front of him, took both hands and looked at him. His face, as we all know, is Michael Schumacher's face – he has become a bit more."
In addition, the bishop says: "The loving people watch over it, take care of it, and thank God, keeping a remote public curiosity."

The German "BILD" Gänswein explained more details about the conference: "I decided to pray with Michael Schumacher, he was too much for me, because he did not know why. But the senses he perceives finds himself into a conversation." You feel that the proximity of your family is important. "

Luckily, Schumacher "crossed his forehead with his forehead and ordered his prayer."

The woman of the Vatican Schumi

According to "Bunte," wife of Schumini, Corinna and her children, also saw Mick and Gina in the Pope's Vatican in the summer of 2017.
Gänswein: "Of course, Michael Schumacher and his family enter my prayers, Christmas is the birthplace of Christ, the incarnation of divine love. Feeling good and necessary."

Since the accident on December 29, 2013, Schumi is recovering his health. The Archbishop's words should help him with this.

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