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Influenza 2019: How long does it take to be truly contagious?

The flu epidemic is unhappy – and everywhere it stops and coughs. Many are already infected with influenza viruses, but they do not know it.

If you get a flu, it's better to keep the bed. Everyone knows that. But what do you feel after work or school a few days? Should it be at home, however, because the risk of infection is too great? Or is everything already finished?

Influenza 2018/2019: How can I know the flu – and when have I been contagious?

In essence, it is important to distinguish between infection between cold and flu. While the first ones slowly rise, suddenly a flu starts from "blue". Although the symptoms of influenza and the common cold are similar, the patients are more violent. In both cases, the cause is a viral infection, but of different kinds. The usual signs of influenza are in accordance with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI):

  • headache
  • body aches
  • great fever
  • dry throat irritation
  • colds
  • fatigue
  • nose clogged or runny

They are not spared and, for example, sports are continuing to risk the flu's risk of serious pneumonia or other organs. Finally, "a serious and sometimes dangerous disease" is a flu, warns the Federal Health Center (BZG). It's also very contagious, he explained.

Indirect: already sick It will be one day before the start of the flu and it will be contagious to others and the first symptoms after one occurrence for a week.,

Investigate how long the adults and children can survive,

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How to infect flu virus – And what you can do

The reason is called "soak infections": In the process, while the infections of the infected viral infections that penetrate into the air are tightened or exposed, and finally, those that reflect on them, but also door handles or stairs, can be transmitted and transmitted by the virus.

Who rubs his eyes or touches his or her mouth or nose, allows pathogens to migrate into their body mucous membranes. For this reason, regular and deep cleansing is essential for infecting or distributing influenza viruses. The best way to do this is:

  • Wipe with soap and water
  • Keep your hands in water under 30 seconds
  • Then, dry handkerchief with clean cloth

Research shows: Many infected infections do not realize they are already infected

You should try to make the most of your hands as much as possible. However, many have no symptoms, even if it is ill, according to a 2014 study. Andrew Hayward has found the University College London A flu epidemic is infected with infectious viruses at fiveBut very few people know about it, because they only have a few.

This is every two days after the infectionFor this reason, BzgA believes that flu symptoms usually last for at least two or five days. In serious cases, weeks or months can also be done.

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Vaccination, turbo-tricks and home remedies: you can learn all about the flu gland.

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