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Influenza 2019: What happens if the symptoms of flu are without fever?

Coughing, you will get thrown and do not waste it – but fortunately, you have eliminated fever. Is it also a flu?

Many people swallow or cough during the cold season. But where, the vaccine begins – and the cold stopped? And what happens if I have no fever?

I have a flu?

Basically: one flu
It is caused by viruses and usually starts suddenly"Usually, the morning feels healthy and suddenly a 39 or 40-degree illness occurs in the afternoon," said Peter Walger, an infectious, world-wide Berufsverband Deutscher Internist. Many patients They also have hard and cold heads and bodies I feel unhappy and clean and, to a degree, excessive Weeks or even months, Other symptoms include:

  • anorexia
  • Strong fog
  • Fever fever of 38 and 40 degrees
  • Muscle pain through the body
  • Cough without any mucus
  • Trapped or nose nose

His advice: Always keep the bed in just a few days. After all, the flu joke is not the most important thing: do not forget to drink it. Physicians are advised that healthy people have an average of two liters and two liters of drinks. However, if there is a problem, there are many more. "If it's fever, the body will lose more than two liters of liquid faster"Walger warns," lots of water and tea are your best bet.

This is when you make a flu

In addition, the expert recommends it Pain is unbearable for ibuprofen & Co.But be careful: the dose is a poison. Just take the other one just as much. However, the infectious agent advises against combined preparations: "In this mixture, important and important single active ingredients are included, so the correct dosage is impossible."

And he does not think too much about antibiotics: "The antibiotic does not make sense in the cold or the gripe"They do not fight against viruses". In his opinion, they have a sense of bacterial infection rather than viruses superinfectionit adds extra strain while weakening the body.

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Cold: Ebbt quickly – and fever is not threatened

However, many patients mixed up with flu and cold Symptoms are very similarBut the cold can happen four times a year. Viruses also cause different types of viruses, and also the nose, throat, and headache.

But there is a difference: one The cold starts very slowly and usually after a few days it will disappear againIn addition, "it is a condition, but it is not very serious," said Walger. Also, the most important criteria here is not here: feverIn particular, this means that anyone who is unhappy with cold. However, if you already have too much fever, it is better to see the doctor quickly. This is especially true:

  • retired people
  • People with cardiovascular diseases
  • People with pulmonary disease
  • diabetic
  • People with poor immune system
  • toddlers

Cold remedies at Stiftung WarentestOnly one drug really helps,

Influenza: the whole body is damaged

Who does not belong to the group of risks, but with the alleged flu It also has severe respiratory, circulatory disorders or dizzinessA doctor should also see. By the way, those who put cold persistent or put them in a few days. In the end, it could be one behind pneumonia hide Other organs may also be affected:

  • stomach
  • joints
  • muscles
  • brain

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Surprisedly surprised: one of five infected infected people does not show any symptoms

On the other hand, a 2014 study by the Lancet Arnas Med A flu epidemic is infected with infectious viruses at fiveBut now the hammer comes: most people do not even know why They have no symptomsAlso proved three quarters of the infected University College London, Andrew Hayward. Therefore, only a few "misfortunes" have gone to this doctor in this section.

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For this reason, after all, the flu has severe conditions in the complications. For this reason, it is reasonable to have a vaccine against the "real" flu – Not cold. The vaccine is different from year to year, depending on how viruses are circulating today.

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