Saturday , February 4 2023

It's time: Disney's first trailer for Artemis Fowl


It's time, he says, and that's pretty good. that's why Artemis birds only now – or more precisely: on August 8, 2019 – jumps to the big screen, already impressed. In the end, Eoin Colfer's popular and well-known series of eight-time fantasy novels is known for the cinematic adaptation of the interview since 2001, the first book on the market. But it was necessary Disney and Kenneth Branagh. Disney earlier CinderellaDirector, finally, to finish the movie, reality. And the first teaser trailer is too early!

"Artemis Fowl" Teaser 1 (ing.)

Artemis Fowl (Ferdia Shaw), a twelve-year-old genius, disappears in a long line of criminal brain and goes to her father, who has disappeared in mysterious situations. Finds an ancient underground civilization: the world of fairytale fantasy world. Artemis concludes that father's disappearance must be linked to a mysterious world in some way and poses a dangerous plan, so it is dangerous to find the Almighty Fairy in mind.

Lara McDonnell (Love, Rosie – Always, maybe) She plays Captain Holly Shor, an elf who is in love with shepherds kidnapping, claiming a golden rescue. Stay Haven City underground fairy world Judi Dench Commander Root, under the leadership of LEPrecon fairy, and Josh Gad Mulch Diggums, as a dwarf cleptomaniac trying to help Holly's rescue. On the bottom are Nonso Anonzie (Cinderella) Like the backbone of the bird family named Butler, Tamara Smart (Wicked sorceress) Butler's nephew Juliet and Miranda Raison (Branaghs) Orient Express complaint) Artemisen loves Angeline. A role still unknown by Hong Chau (downsizing) It was celebrated.


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