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Jungle Camp 2019: all candidates – should be a former minister


Selected by the 2019 national team. Meanwhile, the names of the first candidates have already appeared in the media.

Jungle Camp 2019: Former Minister thinks he goes to camp

Update from November 26: Danni Büchner would probably now have to go to the jungle camp by 2020, a place should once again be free and the image is also ready for the next candidate: Günther Krause's (65) Minister of Transport signed a preliminary contract. By the hand of the images, the former UDC politician denied that he would go to Australian camp, but at the same time he consulted.

The former carrier of Günther Krause is currently playing as a candidate for the 2019 Jungle Camp.

© dpa / Bernd Wüstneck

However, this does not mean anything, since candidates really do not accept anything until RTL officially announces candidates. There must also be a health check for the RTL program, the former Minister has not finished. Krause can decide, as it is suffering from heart problems.

The former Transport Department has several titles. In 1993, he lost his ministry, when the office office had a subsidized cleaning lady. In 2009, a 14-month sentence was sensible. He denounced fraud, infidelity and tax exemption with Aufbau Invest. In March of 2018, Kraus had to pay a fine of 5400 euros as a result of the failure and failure of the "IBP" consultancy firm. And, even in April 2018, he made headlines, he bought it, but he never paid. The owners waited for months to make the payment. Therefore, additional income from the jungle area would be useful.

Jungle Camp 2019 – Is This Soccer Entered In The Jungle?

Update from November 24:There are new rumors about another jungle camp, and it's about Rafael van der Vaart (35). Early in the month of November, Sylvie Meis went looking for a football match with her husband. Does the green grass come out in the jungle? On Twitter account, the Dutch shared a screen display with two missed calls. Harry Redknapp (71) comes up with a former English national coach, "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here" in the UK version. participates

Other news ITV Productions were IBES production companies. To this image, Rafael wrote: "I have not announced retirement." Just joke? Or is the truth behind?

Jungle Camp 2019: Does "Dahoam Dahoho" star in the jungle field?

Update on November 21, 2018: Does Dahoam Dahoho star in the jungle field? We met Doreen Dietel at Gmund am Tegernsee.

There are still a few weeks until the Jungle Camp 2019. In January, simply, the famous F-to-Z enter Australian bushes. But they are already the names of the candidates that signed a contract with the RTL in the media. du pictureNewspaper and magazine Closer exclusively announced in the first field of the jungle arena. du pictureThe well-known newspaper is very well-known about RTL shows, so the announcement of the naming tabloid is not official.

Jungle Camp 2019: Bastian Yotta is a bush

It suited perfectly to the jungle field: Bastian Yotta (43), according to a report pictureThe Egunkaria will be the candidate for the 2019 jungle camp. Bastian Yotta – who is actually called Bastian Gillmeier and Landshut – is a perfect man for every trash TV format. There is a million-year-old non-border protector (at least according to its data) in Hollywood, and has made the "look for Adam Eva" the last year. Among other things, another candidate screamed with an assembly. Bastian Yotta woke up a sentence.

At the end of the show, Bastian Yotta and Natalia Osada became the couple, but in a short time. In the meantime, he would have to return in strong hands. Prior to that, she had a relationship with Maria Hering, by the name of former DSDS Americans called by Maria Yotta and RTL.

In 2016, ProSieb's show presented "The Yottas! Throughout America, everything" – the documentary soap was the end of the desire of Bastian Yotta. Lamborghini, luxury villa and expensive outfits, along with her partner Maria Yotta. Protz's couple documented the unique lifestyle of Instagram and Facebook.

Bastian Yotta is known for being a heavyweight actor. And, probably, outside producers of the jungle were hired as a candidate for this reason.

Does Bastian Yotta go to jungle in 2019?


Jungle Camp 2019: Alf Jungle Field Goes?

As next picture Reports, Tommi Piper (77), the voice of the German echo of Alf, in the jungle 2019. How things changed: Compared to 2016 tz He still emphasized that he rejected the offer of the jungle camp: "I do not leave the monkey."

Almost the people get their voice: Alf, in the 1980s, was aired by television audiences. The actor Tommi Piper loves the third anniversary. "In the end, the roles were also harmful to me, since I did not do normal things," he said once in a conversation. Since Alf was a character of clothes, and the film and television people had forgotten that he was an active actress and actress.

He heard his voice with actors such as Nick Nolte (77), Harvey Fierstein (63) and Andrew Dice (60), who starred in several films. "For three years, I have not filmed a single day," said Piper in June 2018 tzNetflix, Tony Danza (67), would also have the synonym "Netflix" reproduction service entitled "The Good Cop". However, his voice was too old to synchronize Tony Dance. Perhaps money was a decisive factor in the participation of the 2019 national team (Link to *

Alf is the voice of Germany: Tommi Piper leads to the jungle of 2019?

© photo alliance / dpa / Stephan Jansen

As an image report, it should also be a "bachelor" candidate Evelyn Burdecki (30) Pulling the jungle camp 2019 strip – what, however, is already in the journal Closer he revealed it. Evelyn Burdecki could know his ex Domenico De Cicco in the jungle camp (see below). When their relationship was tragically happening, De Cicc suddenly became the father. No Evelyn. A lot of conversations for long nights around the campaign.

Annemarie Eilfeld will be the candidate of the 2019 national team

Well, who knows more? In 2009, Annemarie Eilfeld (28) was nominated for DSDS. Above all, due to its significant performances, due to the quality of its voice. He opened the door to Juror Dieter Bohlen and also described it as "Bitch". At that time he took the third place "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". He still makes music. His career is not necessarily reached by Helene Fischer or Vanessa Mai – which is still wise. Soon it will be on TV again before millions of viewers. That way Closer Annemarie Eilfeld believes that the jungle camp is a 2019 candidate.

According to People magazine, Annemarie probably ought to give him the snake of the jungle. "Now, supposedly, bush can lead to excesses and misfortunes." And what is the price of your jungle camping? Write to this Closer only: "At the moment it has reached a figure of 2,500 euros per appearance. RTL can now be easily hung up, not zero …"

Annemarie Eilfeld emphasizes on Facebook's profile that she will not hesitate to go to the jungle in 2019: "This has not been discussed in years, although I want to change it, I do not want to go to the jungle camp, and they do not say anything like that."

But you need to know: RTL contracts, all candidates have absolute secrecy. Only in January was the official announcement of the Kologne station, which is taking part in the current season. My goodness, but that would be embarrassing, if Annemarie Eilfeld later announces their participation …

Annemarie Eilfeld (28) will become a candidate in the 2019 national team.

© photo alliance / Georg Wendt / d / Georg Wendt

Report: Daniela Büchner leads to the jungle camp in 2019

update: Does it go to the field of the jungle without Daniela Büchner? After her husband's death, Jens Büchner is very clear in "new season" or "I'm a star." Here's what Image journalist Ingo Wohlfeil writes: "In truth, he was very pleased to take part in the jungle show. "I'm a star," it's coming out! "But in these cases, it will not be difficult. Now, let's say, my dear friend, I would still advise you to do it. Take the money, you and your children, and you will not have to be rescued."

Daniela Büchner The press conference was already listed as a candidate for the 2019 National Campaign. how Closer Danni Büchner believes that Australian bush needs to be moved. The first appearance in reality television format, without her husband Jens. Zunder's 40-year-old TV show in 2018's "summer homes" television show. Jens Büchner and her husband, "Malle", Jens Büchner (who was in the Jungle Camp in 2017) brought almost all the other participants against you. The song rose, the husband earned almost Jens. Danni Büchner's new Helena Fürst became a hard-hitting factor, and, like the previous one, he was able to subscribe to jungle surveys.

Danni Büchner asked in a story story if he imagined participating in the jungle field. His answer: "I never thought". Decorated with a smiling face. Rejection is different.

According to Closer, it will receive a price of 45,000 euros as a candidate for the jungle camp. After the "Celebrity Dinner Perfect", it would require an additional € 8,000. Does the jungle animal pay compensation when the bush Danni Büchner comes out?

Always dressed up: Daniela Büchner must move to the jungle of 2019.

© MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

All the candidates for the 2019 National Championship at a glance:

  • Bastian Yotta
  • Tommy Piper
  • Daniela Büchner
  • Annemarie Eilfeld
  • Domenico de Cicco
  • Gisele Oppermann
  • Smoke of the Sibil
  • Evelyn Burdecki
  • Emilia Mihailova

Jungle Camp 2019 – Candidates on video

Does Gisele Oppermann go to the Jungle Field in 2019?

Once again, former GNTM candidate went to the jungle pitch. In 2018, the transsexual model was Giuliana Farfalla from Australia. how Closer Gisele Opperman, at the age of 29, will be the candidate of Jungle Camp 2019.

If you remember Gisele, in 2008 GNTM talked about a lot of tears. Other candidates, whether jury members or critics of their living situation: it was hardly possible to make Gisele Howl. Finally, finally, he reached the sixth position. During his time, GNTM published "Adsense" intuitive odor called "Vulva Original". After all, Gisel could offer many drama in the jungles of 2019.

According to the Jungle Camping Fee, Closer writes: "The amount of five digits lowered us from disaster."

Gisele Oppermann is to go to the jungles of 2019.

© Photo Alliance / DPA / Kay-Helge Hercher

Emilija Mihailova: Only bare show, candidates at the 2019 national team?

Well, Dieter Bohlen acknowledged from the beginning: Emilija Mihailova (29) when DSDS competed in 2018, she only participated to distinguish herself from other television formats. Especially with narrow clothing, it was remarkable. Annemarie Eilfeldi will be able to talk about Jungle Camp in 2019 for this successful DSDS recipe.

Dieter Bohlen told Emilija: "You'd like to know, you got it. You're sure to get more people from TV shows to get to the jungle and see if you want more demons to see here." Bohlen announced a retirement early in DSDS, which happened after the first lesson. He said: "I think we'll hear and you'll see a lot more"

And here it is: In November, Emilija Mihailova was the candidate of "Adam sucht Eva" in 2018. When the German television RTL saw naked, January January 2019 it could eat in the jungle field of animal textbooks and it could feed fraudulent Busch residents. Sounds are similar to a great television career. Write in his jungle camp gage Closer nothing

More information about Emilija Mihailova and why the erotic tensions in the 2010 jungle area gave us the necessary information, which we summarize here.

Emilija Mihailova will be the candidate of the 2019 national team.


Sibylle Rauch: 2019 Jungle Camp nominee

Although the erotic star in the eighties is like a candidate for the Kidney Syringe in the 2019 Jungle Camp. At least RTL formatting information is kept up to date pictureNewspaper.

Nowadays, 58-year-old men are familiar with the "Eis am Stiel" worship of the 80s. The former erotic actor picks up the amount of six figures with his participation.

Sibylle Rauch was seen in three colors (and in a spin-off) "popsicles". Since 1987, the birth of Munich (actually: Erika Roswitha smoke) was seen in some hardcore films. His cocaine dependence and suicide attempt left his career at the end of the 1990s. In 2006, Rauche briefly worked in Klagenfurt, Austrian prostitution, as a boyfriend in the following years.

Sibylle Rauch already had a Jungle Camp 2013 offer. "At that time, he did not accept his health status," he says picture,

Sibylle Rauch in 2005 (here, with Dolly Buster, in an erotic video store in Munich).

© dpa / dpaweb / A3608 Oliver Weiken

At the end of 2017, Smoke acknowledged picture"I was back in the middle of my life and worries!" By the end of 2016, Sibylle Rauch met Alex's new love at the low point of his life ("desperate, almost no teeth and no homeless"). "My love is great – my little buzzard, so he took me out and gave me new teeth and breasts."

He reported a few months ago pictureShe's under control of her life: "Today I do a lot of sports, I'm doing it twice a week and I do gymnastics." In the end, the form began again, Sibylle Rauch said: "I measured my dream again: 93-60-90. I gained weight and muscle through healthy sports and nutrition. In the minute 46, weighing 55 kilograms. "

Did you know about the 2019 jungle field? Sibylle Rauch is not the first erotic star "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!" Name Dolly Buster, Michaela Schaffrath (aka Gina Wild) and Melanie Müller also reached adult movies, in the jungle camp,

Domenico de Cicco: Bachelorette candidate for the junior field in 2019

Then, Domenico de Cicco (35) is also a candidate as a candidate. A few months ago the RTL dome was seen in "Paradise Unique". RTL commented as usual on this jungle camp's message: "We do not participate in speculation in the program." Before going to Australia in January, the Colonia station gives me a candidate called "I'm a Star". ! "Officially known.

Domenico de Cicco is also in the jungles of the 2019 jungle.

© RTL / Arya Shirazi

In the dome show, Evelyn Burdecki became a couple. He spent some weeks after the last Evelyn Doemi but passed through RTL. Reason: another woman learned to have a baby by Domenico and he deceived him.

Domenico did not deny his fatherhood, but stressed that he had not betrayed Evelyn. However, so far, there has been no reconciliation. And now guess what, who must move into the jungle camp 2019 … Attention: drum roll!

Evelyn Burdecki is the candidate for the 2019 national team

Tadaa! That way Closer Evelyn Burdecki, 30, 2019 is a candidate for Jungle Camp. No, there is a meeting with his former Domenico de Cicco. RTL has never happened in the history of the show. Do we experience misery, drowsiness and tears? Does the jungle camp become a great reconciliation between Evelyn and Domenico? Producers of the show may really be happy in this commitment.

Do you still know Evelyn Burdecki? Actually, only reality television formats. "Soloist", was the "Famous Big Brother", as already mentioned in the "Paradise Only" section.

He writes his fee Closer: "To participate in the jungle camp, it can have at least € 30,000.

Evelyn Burdecki should be the candidate in the 2019 national team.

© MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi

Jungle Camp 2019: GNTM candidate Claudia is K & # 39; With Giez?

Once again, there is a new name for the potential jungle camp. Klaudia & # 39; K & # 39; There are rumors about Giez, the "Next Top Model Germany" candidate this year. Klaudia published a picture in her story. Thus, the problem of the fan was: "goes to the jungle camp?" Claudia's Answer: Smiley Smiley. And also in Instagram, he published this question: "Why do you want to go to the jungle camp?" Revocation is different.

Otto Waalkes goes to the field of the jungle: how RTL works

Otto Waalkes was shocked at the RTL conversation in a jungle camp. Of course, but I have not asked yet, "said the magazine There youWonderful recognition of the Starkomiker in Germany.

A few months ago the reason for the interview was published, published a biography of "Cerebellum to All". The magazine spoke to him: "If the offer was honest, how can I refuse?" Otto Waalkes would be honored to be invited there. "Also, people in the jungle camp should not be underestimated." I'll see I see an intellectual hearing, "said Waalkes.

Jungle field 2019: RTL indicates Otto Waalkes's wish

RTL has now commented on the jungle plans Otto Waalkes. "We will not suggest any suggestions on the subject of the IBES candidate," said Der West's RTL spokeswoman.

Only this week, Otto Waalkes received Federal Merit Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Recently, the RTL presenter Sonja Zietlow announced that all participants are ready for the jungle camp.

Jungle Camp 2019 RTL: Now, all "IBES" candidates are stuck

RTL has already signed up with candidates for the 2019 national team. This is the Jungle Camp host, the result of a Facebook post from Sonja Zietlow.

On Monday, the stations told the candidates who had to deal with the next cave camp.

His Facebook account, Sonja Zietlow, wrote: "Today will be exciting … uiuiui … Actually, today I will know who will be happy in the jungle so in January … keep your fingers crossed we are good interpreters and we get characters. But I can not reveal anything. I will tell you immediately! "

2019 jungle camp candidates are announced

Sonja Zietlow emphasizes her secret duty, but the names of the 2019 National Team candidates will appear in the media as soon as possible. In recent years, RTL shows have been well-informed pictureNewspaper, which gradually announces candidates. And as it has been a success, it is shown as always in January, officially announcing the official Colonia station.

Jungle Camp 2019: Candidates are not yet public

Before appearing less likely to fly to Australia, RTL candidates are the streams of current jungle camps. Until then, all media have responded to questions about possible candidates: "We do not participate in speculation."

Jungle Camp 2019: these rumors about candidates already exist

Jungle camp fans will have to wait until RTL's new season of reality "I'm a star. Get me out of here!" However, there are still some painful candidates, rumors of hope, rumors waiting until the 2019 jungle camp. to enjoy The 2018 Jungle Campus was disappointed with 12 boring candidates. It will be a new season despite bad odds, RTL has already been confirmed. This will be normal January lives in Australia diffusion Can you attract the most exciting RTL 2019 campaigns last year?

Otto Waalkes is a cold candidate for the 2019 jungle camp.

© Daniel Reinhardt / dpa

He needs a remarkable demand to face the crown of the jungle, according to the magazine THERE YOU already received: Comedy Otto Waalkes I would like to enter the jungle next season, but it's not invited to RTL. "If the offer was honest, how can I refuse? It would be a great honor for me to be invited", said he was 70 years old. However, as you know, you can not make comedy statements in the face value. Of course, the jungle camp app is just a gag.

Jungle field 2019 maybe a former footballer again?

As you know, ex-footballers are part of the inventory of the jungle population. It is very possible that the oldest camp in the jungle of 2019 B
League striker Jürgen Wegman
n (54) Following Thorsten Legat and Eike Immel. Two years ago, Sportbild said it seemed to fit into the jungle. With his famous essay, "I am a venomous being, the most beautiful snake" and his nickname "Cobra" would be definitely predestined. And economically Jürgen Wegmann, FC Bayern, BVB and Schalke, he played well in the jungle field. In the meantime, he lives from a disability pension.

Slowly, RTL, like every year, sends out the most popular TV shows from traditional reality formats such as Deutschland sucht den Superstar and the next German model to the jungle.

Will Vaness May will be the newest jungle camp in 2019?

A celebrity like that Vanessa Mai As a candidate in the 2019 jungle camp, of course, it's like a joke. His route is still very good, it might be, as if he were to make an Australian bush. In fact, he was asked in an interview with Schlagerprinzessin Kölner Stadt-Anzeigre to take part in the jungle camp. Your – unsurprising – answered: "I do not know how to do it. I do not know what to do. In 2019 we will definitely not see Vanessa Mai in the jungle field.

This nominee would be known: Calmund Jungle Camp in 2019?

And then there is not Reiner CalmundBayer 04 Leverkusen Director of the old town of the Bundesliga. When it revealed "Grill den Henssler" during the previous VOX session, the interest in the jungle camp in 2016 appeared. Without a doubt, Calli would be a good candidate. He would not be completely free to participate with his approval. Only: Men's XXL men's health probably goes into the jungles at the jungles field.

There were already some participants that had to go outside for health reasons: Helmut Berger, Gunter Gabriel, Rolf Zacher, Giulia Siegel and Lisa Bund. That is why, without a doubt, we will not see Reiner Calmund as 2019 candidate.

Jungle Camp 2019 must be done without this star

It is much better known before the candidates of the Jungle Camp in 2019, there is already the first demolition. Fans of Fans Tony Marshall unfortunately, it can not look forward to the 80's participationAs a new image.

Tony Marshall wanted to be there and planned a fee of 300,000 euros at his foundation, but he forbade his doctor's strides. A pop singer says he has a heart failure, because Australia is not a long flight.

I'd like to be there – his heart's condition was that Tony Marschall had to abandon his 2019 jungle camp.

© Uli Deck / dpa

Jungle Camp 2019: Dagmar Frederic has twice refused to attend

The German singer, dancer and Dagmar Frederic presently criticized Thomas Gottschalk's criticism and recently received an offer to participate in the RTL jungle area. "However, that would not be my question. I do not want to ruin my image, since I am 54," said Frederik pictureThe interview, adding, "Also, I do not eat any bugs."

Extra incentive for 2019 national team candidates

By the way, the expectation of the 2019 national championship is beneficial for RTL innovation: Among other things, Jungle Queen 2018 Jenny Frankhauser's heir to the next season next season Gain 250,000 euros As a new image.

RTL official confirmation is still awaiting. Apparently, a non-profit bonus is required: this year it is very difficult to find candidates for the jungle camp, online portal.


FINAL REPORT RTL will begin a new television show at the beginning of November. The presenter is only 25 years old.

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