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Kel’Thuzad’s strategies compared 2006 and 2020


The sixth phase of the WoW Classic has been running since December 2, 2020, so the final chapter of the new edition has begun. There are also the first evil invasion in WoW history, new PvP content for the open world, and of course Naxxramas.

WoW Classic Naxxramas Firstkill

After opening the gates of the attack, less than 90 minutes passed before Kel’Thuzad gave his time. Compared to other high-level guilds, however, it was revealed that Naxxram is still not a picnic – especially as “Four Riders”, “Sapphire” or “Loatheb” were a challenge for several guilds.

Kel’Thuzard Differences Between 2006 and 2020

Reddit users “u / marmotzero” of his brotherhood compared the strategy with today’s Kel’Thuzad tactics posted on Reddit. He noticed some things that we would briefly summarize for you.

A fan of the world to die for first

In 2006, the brotherhood got a World Buff for the first time – Kel’Thuzad in time for the first murder. At the time, according to the Reddit user, stacking buffs in the world was not part of the strategy.

Composition of healing classes

the brotherhood competed against Kel’Thuzad with 16 healing classes. Among them were 8 holy priests, 4 holy paladins and 4 restoration druids. There is almost no difference here compared to Kel’Thuzad strategies in 2020 – the brotherhood, for example, also used 16 healing classes in the Third World Death.

The role of the tank

Although not a single tank specialization was used in 2020, the guild still employed four protective warriors in 2006, who put all their points on the tank’s talent tree.

Thunder in the hands of anger … Fury warriors

The Brotherhood acquired two legendary weapons in the Thunderfury at the time. However, they were not used by the protective warriors, but by the furies of war. He also did not have a hand guard wearing a master shovel.

Time to kill over time

the first murder of the brotherhood lasted 12 minutes and 30 seconds. Measured by the WoW Classic era, this would be the slowest kill. Today more than 100 guilds have been killed in the Kel’Thuzad WoW Classic and it took them 3 to 8 minutes.

Atiesh is already in use

When Kel’Thuzad was killed in 2006, they were already using Atiesh, a senior Guardian employee. That was possible because Anub Rekhan had his first murder on June 21, 2006. This means that the guild had already had five months to kill the last master of the last classic raid on Naxxramas.

Did you notice any differences?

Did you meet Naxxramas in 2006? Or – like the author of this article – did you deal with King Kel’Thuzad alone with Wrath of the Lich? Did you notice any differences? Notify me of comments!

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