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"Let's Dance" 2019: Oliver Pocher creates Freddie Mercury parodies – The details have seduced audiences


Oliver Pocher danced "Dancing in the dance." Freddie Mercury made his appearance for a Lachflash, but a detail was disturbing.

Update from April 27: "Hammer … without you, it would be a boring program." A user publishes a comment on the "Let's Dance" RTL show on Instagram. Comedian Oliver Pocher (41) and his dance Christina Luft (29) dancers. In the fifth show of the dance show, they both offered "Paso Doble" to the "Queen of Bohemia Rhapsody" and received 20 points from the jury. In addition to Pocher's achievement, he was also able to figure out his appearance. With Brusthaartoupet and Schnauzer he parodied Freddie Mercury's supermarket. In 1991, Pocher spoke about a tribute to a singer who died in AIDS in London, describing his style as a blend of Horst Schlämmer and Magnum.

On Twitter and Instagram, users were keen on "Geiler look", "I'm watching the show, because it's just you." Of course, it was also criticism, Pocher responded immediately. In the show, 41-year-old RTL told Daniel Hartwich that he was talking to some of the audience about social media that told Freddie Mercury: "My grandmother has expired here, I personally encountered the song, even worse." Queen's classic version The premiere version Pocher and many audiences were unreasonable. Latin American style was an interpretation in Spanish, so the song also danced, adapting to a double-pitch. "The ears are suffering, but the laughing muscles are happy", it summarizes quite a bit the look of a Pochers Twitter user.

Oliver Pocher makes a dirty slogan called "Goian dancing", lets his dance partner open to swaddlers

Update from April 5th:Oliver Pocher's (41) presentation and comedy Let Let's live third show and Christina Luft (29) dance match set on Charleston. Christina Luft looks deeply – as in the last show. One or the other, under her gold dress, her panties appeared silent – especially in the case of an elevator picture, where professional dancers separated both legs.

In the meantime, Oliver Pocher had become less frequent in language and became a dance show in gag fireworks. Above all, a joke about Michael Wendler's girlfriend was heard in the audience room:

The Twitter user is happy, for a lot of people, Pocher's "Let's Dance" is a fun gun:

First advertisement: Pocher's dance partner Let's take a deep look at Dance – and make a dirty look

Cologne – Joachim Llambi's best way came back Friday night. Initially, Barbara Becker's performance was not very impressive. "The heads unfortunately are not as active as the upper sides of the body," said Cha Cha Cha after Massimo Sinato and five points.

Motsi Mabuse and Jorge Gonzalez had better reviews. Unlike Llambik, Jorge was delighted with Barbara's shoes: "But legs, Oh, sa, Girl!" Choreographers enthusiastically.

Let's Dance (RTL): "So I thought, he passed the sea horse"

With Kerstin Ott, Llambi was very angry. "At first, you left, and I thought, now it has passed the sea horse." His dance steps would not have any quality and they would not seek outless futility. "It's a Latin American dance," he reminds him. In just ten minutes, Motsik did not help constructive words: "That was good, continued. The moderator Daniel Hartwich says:" The jury Joachim Llambik can burn more than bittersay greens "Llambi's third show mocked him.

Let's Dance (RTL): What's Up With Oliver Pocher and His Dance Couple Between Christina Luft?

At last, he laughed Oliver Pocher. His tuxus with the costume of Ghostbusters with Christina Luft, was shocked by the dance partner, he praised him. He had his "body center", that is to say, the stomach, better controlled, and it was answered that this should also be three children.

As with Llambi: "Only three children?" Pochers replied: "You never know, it's still a long season." Oh, I should not like Pocher's friend Amira Aly. For a long time, the group "Po-Luft", Pocher and Christina Luft dance partners, are taking root out of a bubble. It would not be a dance pair near the first private trials.

Pocher and Christina.

© TVNOW / Gregorovius

Let's Dance (RTL): "Imagine Nutella Licking a Wall"

It is clear that here is the training of two dancers who frequently dance Pochers' girlfriend. A type of monitoring? to express it Twins spoke directly about rumors. The ironic response to Pocer: "I think it's totally absurd, as if professional dancers were in love with celebrities … It's never been such a thing." Amira relates her presence to training: "I am a member of the group. Of course, I can not help dancing, but, of course, everyone agrees. "According to him, rumors about dance issues are" topical ". He says: "Professional and renowned dancers are mostly in a relationship and everyone who is involved knows that it's a television program, no more and less …"

Aha! However, he could swallow a little at Christina Pocher's dancing. He advised the comedian: "Imagine licking Nutella wall. But now I'm Nutella."

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Let's Dance (RTL): late afternoon

The most emotional moment of the show was Ella Endlich's appearance.

Together with Valentin Lusin, he put on a dance today. So much performance was not just the most spectacular afternoon performance, but "Dance" was one of the best ever! "I've seen 1000 dancing here, and that's the four best, the fifth among the best I ever lived in all these years," Joachim Llambi judged.

Ella Endlich (34) falls from a heart after her show.

© TVNOW / Gregorovius

Let's Dance (RTL): She finally tears in

An exciting 29 point into Ella and tears into joy and relief. Before the exhibition, the blonde was flat and feeble, and she hardly had any time to train. She wept: "I can not get into these words. Last week it was very difficult for me, because I did not know if I do not know."

On the other hand, komedian Özcan Cosar and Marta Arndt were dancing together. The jury members and the television did not convince themselves and in 2019 the dance "Dantza dantza" came to an end. Here we inform you of the candidates that keep us and have left the show.

See why Friday, April 19, there is no live show "Let's Dance" on RTL. All information about "Let's Dance" is also

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