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Lost Krass: Christine Neubauer Lost Trousers?

Dance Dance Dance dance show, then the role of the gangster witch Judith Silberstein: Christine Neubauer (56) has been physically questioned since 2017. At the age of 56, they quickly took on all training sessions and built athletic muscles. But is the actor pleased with his new body or the end? Talk to the conversation Christine Now about the bodily feeling of his body!

"It was a four-lane highway, now it's a serpentine," describing this somewhat limping this comparison Christine in a conversation colorful change his body She is still a curved woman, but she is clearly trained, so it is a bit tighter. After a session of "Dantza Dantza Dantza" during the second week of dancing, he lost weight for the first time. He later prepared the birthday of "The Secret of Winnetou and the Rock Castle". This is so ChristineAs with the competitive athlete: faster to reach the weight limit.

To get their own well-being Christine dance training "When you feel the body again, you have a very positive attitude to yourself and that's why I feel good". His slogan becomes an ideal body: "everything is everything but not too much".

Christine Neubauer in February 2010Getty ImagesImage Gallery button
Christine Neubauer in February 2010
Christine Neubauer's "Dance Dance Dance"Getty Images

Christine Neubauer's "Dance Dance Dance"
Christine Neubauer in January 2019Getty Images

Christine Neubauer in January 2019

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