Monday , November 29 2021

Make sure you delete these Android apps


Avast recommends that users look at the app carefully before downloading numbers, ratings, and comments, especially if they are not from a well-known developer. Permissions required for applications must also be checked in more detail before downloading.

Although Google works hard to block harmful apps in the Play Store, paint, ads, or spyware programs continue to enter the platform. Unfortunately, security researchers only remove them when they find them during the investigation. In this case, the applications are often downloaded millions of times.

To avoid malware on phones, Android users should first avoid downloading the look of the Play Store from questionable sources – unfortunately, as the current report shows, it’s often not enough. When you see an app from an unknown developer that interests you in the business, a clue that often mentions adware and the like appears:

  • App reviews often don’t match. While some users give feedback on the apps, others complain about the flood of ads or the problem with the phone after installation. The former are often purchased / falsified reviews designed to encourage users to download
  • Malware developers often have only one application in each profile. The advantage for criminals is that when Google deletes them, not all applications are removed
  • Often, when an application requires a set of permissions that have little to do with the application, this is an indicator of malware.
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