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Mandatory vaccines? 14 fuels case fuel talk

Mandatory vaccines? 14 fuels case fuel talk

GRAZ / LINZ. School ban 26 children without children, after the eruption of the pregnancy, in Styria

Mandatory vaccines? 14 fuels case fuel talk

From the ninth month of life, experts advise against the vaccine of fraud Image: Colourbox

He felt a little uncomfortable. When a 15-year-old student arrived at an outpatient clinic with LKH Graz, with a little fever on January 11, he still did not know how dangerous other patients were to stay. That boy was a disease. Nearly 300 people were in the outpatient clinic and two hours later were potential contacts.

Three weeks later, Landessittungsdirektion confirmed 14 and most cases were confirmed. Four of them are only four babies. Other cases are expected, according to Marianne Wassermann-Neuhold. In fact, because the period of incubation is 21 days, it can not be ruled out that the virus is transmitted through traumatization practices.

Anti-vaccine minister

In the Eastern Straits communities of Anger (Weiz district), the courts took an unusual measure: 26 non-banned Volksschlern banned school, Mitschler was ill after a ski resort in Salzburg. As you know, you do not need to visit public places and facilities.

In the case of Austrian first measles, the need for the vaccine in 2019 has also been discussed again. According to the Ministry of Health, "it is often recommended that serious and infectious diseases and grafts are very serious", Austria is still far from the vaccine rate recommended. 93-95% would be established by the World Health Organization (WHO). Austria currently stands at 83% to 85%. There is no mandatory vaccine. According to Beate Hartinger-Klein Health Minister (FP), this should not change. He declined the mandatory vaccine for yesterday and continues to claim "self-determination and clarity". High Austrian pediatricians have long been revealed. "What has happened to Graz's fear is always, so I'm struggling with a vaccinated child," says Tilman Knigswieser Salzkammergut Hospital's medical director. It is also possible to obtain an adult vaccine, which is especially important for women, as it may harm pregnant baby during pregnancy during pregnancy.

"This year we have not had a case of collapse, they were four years before," says Budget Director Georg Palmisano. But even in Upper Austria, it could be an important occurrence: "Because we have a pickle here," says experts. Especially affects groups between the ages of 30 to 45 years of age and not removing children under one year of age. In the ninth month, for free vaccination, it is recommended to be precautionary in sex during the six month period.

Ten years ago, the subject was controversial. The dissemination and uncertainty against vaccinations against steroids and uncertainty against vaccination must be scattered with the information leaflets and education in healthcare: the self-help group "xund stay – do not vaccinate", which met once a year in Linz.

The carbons are harmless

It is circular and is only one millimeter in size, ten millimeters: elmorrhagia virus. It is part of the Paramyxovirus family, which spreads droplet infection (talk, shake, cough), even for long periods, such as from one room to another. In humans, it can also cause bladder infections and infections.

Stagnant diseases are infectious diseases. Everyone who has always been in constant protection. You can only get the helix once. But nothing is harmful. WHO warns that the number of infections at the end of 2018 will increase.

In 2017, 30 more cases were reported more than the previous year. 110,000 people were killed in 2017, most of them children. The vaccine is very important because it has been acute in treating the disease. If it is stopped, the authorities must identify each contact person to establish the vaccine status and, if necessary, to determine the vaccine. Those who do not properly support elmorrhagia go to public institutions for at least three weeks to get in touch with the patient. In 2017, more than 500,000 people under 30 did not support Austria.


In order to immunize the measles virus, it is called "rapid vaccine". Live viruses have live viruses and have been reconstructed in the skin structure laboratory to make the disease impossible. But the human immune system responds to a disorderly disorder, recognizes the virus, and then it is contagious before the body of the mutant can die.

3 questions

Question 3 Tilman Knigswieser

The Salzkammergut Hospital's medical officer is a vaccine expert.

How many Austrians have vaccine against alcohol?

Between two and five years, 95% had the first vaccine, 81% also had a second vaccine. Both are required. But there is a pickle between 15 and 30 years old, with only 70% having a vaccine.

Why do not parents make a baby vaccine?

You are not sure The vaccine also has side effects, that is, fatigue and fever called vaccine, but they are not contagious. All this is not to compare the effects of a childhood infection. Thousands of people infected kill each other.

Is the vaccine mandatory?

I'm looking for an explanation for parenting. Even adults have a vaccine.

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