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Massacre: 26 children without children were dropped out of school

Graz – Bezirkshauptmannschaft Weiz Eastern Styria has left a temporary pregnancy after being educated in 26 children without primary school in Anger. Rüdiger Taus's captains reaffirmed the report on Wednesday Little newspaperThe measurements were "unusual", but taking into account the necessary risk of infection.

In addition to 26 children without children, there are 15 children with all the parts of the vaccines. You can get an injection or a blood test to prove that it is well protected. A total of 134 children go to school. Non-students are also going to nursery or health facilities, such as family physicians or hospitals, sports facilities, football pitches, pools or other public events and facilities.

According to them, teachers or other school staff were banned because they demonstrated a vaccine or immune status. The district's captain is based on the advocates of the vaccine prophylaxis, "we avoid such problems."

The Ombudsman calls it a vaccine to be used to reduce it

Günther Kräuter's opposition has recently called for "definitive effective health measures": "Every year, the Ombudsman demands a consistent health policy because they are very harmful and dangerous. Especially children are not vaccinated, they are victims." Statistically, about 18 people people with illnesses.

The childcare vaccinations must be complied with, maternity passport, Health Counselor, in the first place, refusing to write to the Ombudsman. "I do not understand that. This option has to be taken, because educational campaigns and appeals have been effective, said herb.

The Ministry needs a vaccine

Rodents are not an unhealthy childhood disease, but a serious and very infectious disease. Four people are hospitalized, including five people, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis media or enzyme, among others, on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health has freed Austrian ailments.

Mushroom can cause permanent damage or death. "If elmorrhagic disease is a one-year-old birthday, 600 years have suffered a great risk, a few years later, the development of a specific brain inflammation (sclerosing under-sclerosing panencephalitis, SSPE), which also lasts several years, after the hawthorn that increases the risk of infectious dying, "said the release.

The measles is associated with a flu-like symptom and, later, a rash characteristic. (Photo Symbol)

The measles is associated with a flu-like symptom and, later, a rash characteristic. (Photo Symbol)

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In addition to the suffering of patients and their relatives, it should be taken into account that the appearance of the mosquitoes would have more consequences: in the case of an occurrence, the competent authorities identify, contact, clarify and vaccinate if necessary for each individual person. A vaccine or subject to proper restriction.

This means that people who suffer from non-protection against hemorrhoids may ignore patients up to the 21st day to the public authorities, such as work, nursery, school or school care. In the case of risk groups, such as newborns, children or immunosuppressed persons, it is essential to manage internal immunoglobulin, hospitalization.

Analyzed vaccination shows vaccines

The Austrian 2017 mosquito immunization rate examined 48,000 children between 2 to 5 years old, with the second alcohol being vaccinated, 27,000 children between six and nine, and a half million 15-30 years old babies are not adequately protected. That's why it's not surprising to know about viral diseases again and again.

The measles vaccine is available in Austria with the vaccine and vaccine (MMR vaccine). According to Impfprogramm Österreich 2019, two MMR vaccines are recommended after 9 months. There are missing MMR grafts for any age. Only protection may be taken if the mosquitoes are verified by the availability of both vaccines or if it is proven by antibody (blood sampling). Because the direct vaccine is "Überimpfen" is not possible.

Hartinger-Klein vaccine

"Vaccine can be included in federal state vaccination centers, the vaccine is a life-span of Australia, the vaccine's safety and efficacy are clearly documented. Vaccine costs are covered by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Consumers Protection, the Social Security Institute and the Federal Ministry of the Länder. It is mandatory, but I hope that many people can insert it, "said Beate Hartinger-Klein Health Minister (FPÖ). On Wednesday, Hartinger-Klein spoke at the edge of the Council of Ministers against vaccines. Healthcare workers have to establish a "self-determination" and have vaccines useful.

Minister of Social Affairs Beate Hartinger-Klein.

Minister of Social Affairs Beate Hartinger-Klein.


Preventative babies discharge

In the case of LKH Graz's mosquitoes, the Children's Hospital has left 28 months of cardiovascular treatment until Wednesday 27, the release was published. Immunoglobulins were treated. The baby is suspected of infection, but the outcome of the laboratory is still pending.

In addition, eleven parents contacted the clinic that babies were in contact with the virus. According to LKH, it reaches five children for the immunoglobulin therapy center. (APA)

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