Saturday , June 19 2021

Meghan has distributed to Princes Brothers?

Trials Recently, Prince Harry (34) said: "Meghan wants Meghan." Harry also seems to find a new place to live. According to the insiders, two do not want babies to grow in a "fish fish". The move means Harry's brother, Prince William's physical separation.

At Windsor Castle, Harry and Maghan live in Frogmore Country. The building was named after the large number of frogs that lived in the pools. Windsor, Harry and Meghan, now officially the Sussex Duchess, will be very close to the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II (92) gives much more time than London to the heart of Buckingham Palace.

Former actor Harry and Meghan married in Windsor Castle last May. At that time, around 200 guests were invited to celebrate the wedding party of Frogmore Heritage tonight.

According to the famous king Prince Príncipe

Prince Harry is, according to a survey, the most popular king. 77 percent say that on Monday, a survey of YouGov that has about 3,700 people. The British describe the sympathetic, humorous and honest. Only in the second, her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (74 points), behind her brother Prince William (73).

From a distance, the fourth is Kate Duchess (64 percent), fifth Prince Philip (56) and sixth Harry Meghan (55). Prince Charles, the successor to the prince of the prince, who can not be cut off as soon as possible, will be on Wednesday. He has never had a second (48 percent) positive opinion, he was in seventh place. His wife, Camilla, did only tenth on the 29th. Charles's lover was married to Princess Diana. At that time, they became very much like "Rottweiler".

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