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Nina Botts (Vox) Still-Photo Entertainment and "Forget Comments"

The presenter Vox, Nina Bott, makes her mother the most: a child's nurse. But she publishes a photo on Instagram and criticizes savages.

Munich – Your baby seemed perfect. The third child of the January show, Actress and Nina Bott, won the small Lio. On Instagram, 41-year-old is proudly present with children, a baby follows the next picture. But the final contribution is a sensation. The reason is her child's nurse.

Nina Bott: Presenter of Vox Still-Photo – and critics

Actually, the real crowd is nice. In 1997, Nina Bott first appeared on television in Germany, at the time RTL soap "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten". In 2008 he starred in Céline Laffort's "Alles was Zählt" three years later in Julia Mendes's "Love Forbidden". But it was not only seen in the soaps of the day, but "let's dancing." He took third place in 2010.

Nina Bott (3 left) danced "Let's Dance" in 2010 against Sylvie Meis (left 2) and Sophia Thomalla (left to second).

© picture alliance / dpa / Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert

Since 2016, Nina Bott has "Prominent!" He has presented the Vox program and gives information about 113,000 Instagram fans for his work and his private life. Whoever follows her, probably has noticed that Bott is a small child of little birth. She proudly shows her children, including a photo showing the presentation of breastfeeding presenters. But that's why some users do not hurt it.

"Children will be ashamed": Shitstorm vs. Vox Moderator

Photo Nina Bott feels a bit faint when she looks at her baby. The blouse is slightly open, you can see a part of the left breast. A nursing gel hangs on the shoulder, but it can not hide a small head. Sweet, loyal fans are 41 years old.

But some users go too far. Breastfeeding is not the public, that is, an image. Besides, you see too much breast. "I have breastfeed, leaving aside the only remaining side, my children are afraid of shame and shame later! These images are not in the public eye!", "Breastfeeding is normal, but public photos show around, just a few clicks" or "This is a privacy It's a part of it, think about it later, kids will embarrass him, "said the user.

One user says, "It's not a public, I do not want a woman to have her baby on her chest." He should go to the bottle to give his breast. Then you just look. "Yes," says a moderator fan, "it's like an accident, you can not look in a different way".

Still Breath: Nina Bott fights again and criticizes again

But Nina Bott did not sit for a long time. "I definitely do not feel aggressive. When I read stupid, stale, stupid and very stupid comments, I want to transmit every single dairy meal on TV, they are certainly women who scare that sort of thing, and that would be a pity!" Comments Vox moderator under his post.

Then the fans follow the answer. He had a role model role and had to express his chance. That is why he should not sink to this level. However, most followers adhere to Bott. "Do not let me down", "I love this picture" or "Everything is beautiful". Do not worry! "They comment on the Still-photo below.

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