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Off-line "Trottln" transverse route ÖSV «

Following on Wednesday after Seefeld's Doping Championship in World Ski Championships, he has also said that ÖSV President Schröcksnadel – and is banging.

20:03, February 27, 2019

ÖSV President Peter Schröcksnadel © APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

President of the Austrian Ski Federation Peter Schröcksnadel The drug scandal is annoyed at the Seefelden home world championship. The association gave it "zero tolerance of doping", said the former Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV), and later announced a reorganization of cross-country skiing.

"Nothing is better than obtaining the best results obtained through illegal methods of profit and improvement, and some athletes say they do not learn anything in the past." ÖSV did not say tolerance for doping, "Schröcksnadel said in a press release. The Tyrolean doping scandals in the 77-year-old were scandalous ÖSV skirmishes and biathletes in the EPOs of the 2002, 2006 and 2014 Olympics. Johannes Dürr in the office

Gandler must go

After the doping scandal in Turin, Schröcksnadel does not want to live in the cross-city elite sport. Distinguish this and the root branch manager Markus Gandler After the end of the season the president of the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV) announced on Wednesday after announcing the arrest of cross skiers Dominik Baldauf and Max Hauke on the page.

Doping's suspects ÖSV duo continued to shadow over the success of the World Cup. Unfortunately, today's medal is pleased with the fact that weighs this doping story, especially since it knows that Dürren and Turín have been a history, "said Schröcksnadel in the ORF television interview. After Toronto's violence, he continued his skiing crossing of the ÖSV skiing, but no idea It was established at that time.

Strong answers

But this time they will be sharp. "I will not argue the money to make money in Austrian capital, I will not scare you every time you want to be afraid." He then announced to the CEO of ÖSV and announced the effects of the workers. "After the season, the cross country is left again, I do not want all this people in this way."

Although it does not demonstrate the participation of ÖSV caretakers with drug addiction, Gandler as a sports sportswoman and biathlon, but after this winter. "It's a pity we are part of thanks to the Federation, but we are not the author, but we will distinguish ourselves, the World Cup will end." This is not a blame, it's definitely not a blame, "said Schröcksnadel, who has been responsible for division since 2003, just like in previous scandals in the previous office. Gandler said that he intends to start his retirement before the appearance of the last scandal.

Now, he has told Gandler and Schröcksnadel to understand the action. "Things happened in cross-country skiing, and now there are consequences, maybe I should have done it before or I," Gandler said. In any case, he always had his best knowledge and belief. "This does not mean that the accused is guilty, but for a moment he's confident," said a former skier. He will make the World Cup and his team.

According to Schröcksnadel, a group of ÖSV skiers team must already ask themselves whether or not. However, the invention of individual authors is also difficult, add and compare the state approval of the appropriate adoption of children with children. "It does not work, how it stops when the child takes drugs, grows secretly and their parents are last."

Baldauf and Hauke ​​are "Trootln"

Baldauf and Hauke, who have been friends for many years, have been described as "jerk" that they do not make up for. "You do not allow these two guys to be stupid, it is forbidden to do such two jerks, they do not say anything, they lie, how are people?" Cheating for eighth places is incomprehensible. "We are doing a lot of money in a World Cup that we want to win, and I totally punish the members of the dirty team."

The accusation that someone would hear about hiding behind ÖSV and single-person theory was not justified. Johannes Dürr transverse skiers confirmed their blood donation information. "Even if Dürr demonstrated in 2014, we would not be today, so the accusation is not justified."

Doping ring question

ÖSV chief has also stated that the doping network is international. "Certainly there will be larger countries, and if it's a drug ring, you can not ÖSV owe it."

Gandler also said that it is essential to respond to all those involved, including sponsors of all sports. "The German system was not just one of the exclusive countries, you should not see it under the table." Baldauf and Hauke ​​are expected to cleanse their courses immediately and face all the events with Dürrer.

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