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ÖVP and FPÖ have been excluded from parliamentary interviews «

A parliamentary conversation began when he began to accumulate serious anti-violence actions, he was invited by the Second Speaker of the National Council, Doris Bures (SPÖ), in the second round. On Thursday, it was held with representatives of the Palais Epstein government in Vienna. Bures confirmed Barbara Krenn (ÖVP) and Stefanie Karlovits (FPÖ) as "a missed opportunity". ÖVP stopped last Wednesday because it is a club meeting.

"I am very pleased that the members of the Ipar Euskal Herria and the FPÖ do not participate in the Parliamentary Dialogue, even if they are committed," said the Second Speaker of the National Council. However, he was sure that, ultimately, it would be possible to seek the necessary measures to protect the majority from the Parliament from violence to women. In his opinion, he was persuaded as a parliament, they had to work together in every aspect of the party.

The interview was launched by Bures to establish a platform for exchange of information between Spokespeople in the field of domestic violence to determine women's protection measures and promote their implementation. Claudia Gamon (Neos), Stefanie Cox (on the "Now" list), Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek (SPÖ), included the following advisers: Sonja Aziz, Martina Ludwig-Faymann, President of the Vienna Association, Women's Shelters, and Udo Jesion, White Crimes Victims Organization. Commercial interviews should be followed in small subgroups, according to the Bures office.

Conflict Investigator: Machotum also affects the Austrians

Previously, Birgitt Haller criticized patriarchal thinking. VI of Vienna The Institute for Research in the Conflicts (IKF) has been working on decades to tackle these issues. In 2011, "Homicides in Relationships: Condenations 2008-2010", in 2013, analyzed the sexual assault of young men and the 2018 sex offenses.

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"Power and macho demonstration in the case of Austrians and foreigners," Haller said. Obviously, there are differences in size, and the youngest Austrians, in particular, are different here, but African-American youth still find their patriarchy still in culture. Women's images are obsolete, and violence flourishes and legitimize actions with a forensic perspective, as shown in Haller's research.

In the end, this problem could only be solved by education, and not by Austrians through integration. "I know that this will last for a long time, but initially social participation is only when these values ​​are taken," Haller said. An eight-hour value would not be replaced by a price. Examples of refugees from states with patriarchal Afghan organizations, forming Austrian training and Austrian upper-family education, on the other hand, showed positive impact on the participation of patriarchal organizations in Afghanistan.

Haller: "As a woman is less"

In terms of current offense, the most serious violent crimes of women with at least three weeks were accused of falling victim to Lower Austria, especially as patriarchal, as if there were less women. "This was not the case for Austrian men:" I then looked at the killings for men They were jealous, often without reason, "said Examples of Haller's research since 2011, which was not the case when Women expressed their desire," and then the reason was really stupid phrases. "If I can not, it should not be anyone else."

We also know that the situations of violence are increasing, for example, biographical fractures, such as unemployment or retirement. This increases acuteness when women are successful ", then Machismo enters again, but also the cause of the narcissist who gains employment in our system. If you do not deserve nothing." Once again, there are men who perceive people confused by the patriarchal thought component , which increases the tendency of violence.


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