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PlayStation Plus – Mar 2019: New games are now announced

Today, Sony will announce new games available on PlayStation Plus in March 2019. However, there is a great change over the next few months, as the new offerings will only be games for PlayStation 4. There are no more PS3 and PS Vita games, because Sony wants to pay close attention to the console's generations. However, however, the cloud storage in PS4 has already increased among all the members. We review all the information about PlayStation Plus and the following changes for you.

It's time to come, games are known! All information can be found here:

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus
New 2014 popular PS4 games!

Initial news:

How common is it Sony At the end of the month, the new line of the group PlayStation Plus announced in March 2019 However, PS Plus's offer comes with a great deal of March. In February, PS3 and PlayStation Vita were distributed to all the latest members. This is why PS Vita and PS3 games are longer than a few days PlayStation 4You can download titles. We have specified the dates that we explain these lines.

Will they be played better now?

PS Plus games will be released and will be delivered at regular pace. It is still impossible, however, in the long term to increase title quality. After all, today subscribers get fewer games a month. In January 2019, no PS Plus victims in Europe and the US were just for the selection of Sony's game.

Instead of money Knights Portal PlayStation Plus Asian subscribers have been making computer games better for free. PS4, PS3, PSVR and PS Vita games vary from one region to another. It is a free game of different Asian countries. There are only two major PlayStation 4 games. As a bonus, Asian players get issues and soundtracks.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5
Price, notice and technology: all PS5 information!

Thus, it was free content for members of PS Plus AS Asia:

In Europe and the US there are no PS3 and PS Vita games in the coming months. Forward, cloud storage at the PS4 10 gigabytes and 100 gigabytes early in the month raised byMany PS Plus members now want titles like The Division or Titanfall 2 as a bonus.

Which game do you want PlayStation Plus Mar? Write your wishes to the comments below.

These are new games Gold Games! Here is a look at current games for February 2019.

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus
New PS4 games show up in February 2019!

All information: new PS Plus in February 2019

PS Plus subscribers know how to announce new Sony PS Plus games. These are always available to download for the first Tuesday of each month, it is Enthllung on the previous Wednesday.

For this, it will be possible to conclude that Sony will announce the titles that date:

  • When games advertised by Sony? February 27, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.

  • When PS3 and PS Vita will be available in games of vampire? Until September 08, 2019

  • When will the PS4 games be available in February? 05. Mar. Until 2019

  • When will the titles appear? 05. March 2019.

Here you will find PS Plus games

They can be found on the Sony PlayStation store. There is a separate PS Plus tab that can be found in all the PS Plus games of the current month. If there is a valid match, you can check your games for free in your game.

When PS5 Will Be Released?

That's it PlayStation 5 It will come, already officially confirmed. So far we know little about Sony's Netx Gen console. Also, there is no information about it, like the PlayStation Plus competition console Xbox Scarlett Microsoft looks like it. However, Japanese companies may continue the PS Plus system in the future.

PS Plus program: we know about the offer

PlayStation Plus is a must-have for anyone to get the PlayStation 4 out. Subscribers are expected to have several exclusive reserved functions.

More information on PS Plus is also available here.

"If you are a PlayStation Plus partner, you can search for great advantages, especially to get your assorted experience. Accessing all online games is possible to become a member, you can not compete with your friends and rival official servers.

In addition, you should be happy about a cloud storage, which protects your game at any time and protects against loss. There are also exclusive offers of all members of the PlayStation Store, as well as the free games mentioned above. But be careful: free games will soon be available for PS4, PS3 and PS Vata. "

Always know the titles of each month in the PS Plus, we continue to update our usual email for our 2019 date:

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus
Free PS Plus games in 2019 News ticker

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