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Porsche is now available for monthly subscribers

POrsche enters the field of automobiles that want to win new customers with flexible subscribers. With Cluny, the automaker of the future offers cars that use cars at a monthly price, as announced on Thursday. The processing of the contract and the digital management of the vehicle must be carried out through the Claro application, and then returned automatically to the desired place.

The Munich-based launch system uses clone subscription models to customers, for example, in exchange for a car, because they want their own car, but at the same time they want to buy or lease a car that does not want to be long-term commitment and do not have any interest in licensing. Maintenance of insurance or maintenance. The minimum duration for each vehicle is six months. In the event of a three-month period, customers interrupt or change the car.

Porsche now wants customers "to offer new vehicle use options," said Thilo Koslowski, CEO of Porsche Digital. The new offer allows "premium mobility" without having to buy a vehicle.

New market

Specifically, a fifteen-month subscription should be used. According to the model, the price of monthly packages changes: 1299 euros begin with 718 Boxster; Macan will pay a subscription of 1499 euros, Panamera models, Cayenne, or 911 and 1899 euros. For the first reservation, a single entry of 299 euros will be paid. The settlement is "in a few minutes", according to the company.

In these subscriptions, the number of cars, car wagons and launchers has increased. For many consumers, these subscribers are very popular, for example, through monthly payments through Internet payments, even at other prices.

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