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Prince William has told Brexit.

With the Brexit referendum at London's Parliament almost everywhere, Prince William has called the people of Northern Ireland a "cohesive victory". UK media spoke tonight as a preview of the EU exit. William reached Belfaster with his wife Kate without any prediction. Kings generally do not comment on political events.

Already in the Christmas speech of the Queen Elizabeth II, she caused a mess in Britain, because they were included in the episodes, commentators commented as a commenting on the separation from the EU. Although he was different, he asked for more respect.

Corbyn has been referring to the second referendum support

Meanwhile, Britain's British Prime Minister, following the approval of the new Breit strategy, continued the second referendum on Jeremy Corby's opposition leader.

This would have to avoid "harmful Tory Brexit" or a disaster-free deal, "said Corby in London, whose Labor Party will continue to work on other options, including the" close economic relationship "of the EU.

The ground house voted for the new Brexit strategy in May, and may lead to delaying the departure date at the end of March. The European Union's tripartite plan aimed 502 votes and 20 euros to re-negotiate the EU in late May. On the other hand, the job application was excluded, among other things, to support United States customs union in Great Britain.

May are struggling with time

Corbyn made the opposite of Monday, sponsoring the Brexit referendum call. In the event of denying the request of the Customs Union, its party will submit a request for a second referendum or an existing movement.

After two weeks of voting there will be only two weeks, but they get the majority of the EU exit contract. It is part of the North border between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

This scheme is expected to continue within the British Customs Union to achieve a better solution. Critics are afraid Britain will be closely linked to the EU.

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