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Prohibition on the National Council of the National High Court


22.11.2018 11.34

Today, at 11:34

Today, ÖVP and the FPÖ have announced an application under the leadership of Senior National Councils, as announced by August Wöginger (ÖVP) and Walter Rosenkranz (FPÖ) in the press conference. They asked to call SPÖ. According to Rosenkranz, the ban should also be applied to the Sikhs turban, but not to Kippa for the Jews.

It is prohibited to prohibit the "prohibition of bodily ideology or religious clothing", according to the will of ÖVP and FPÖ, in application of 2019/20 school year. However, SPO and NEOS require more measures to integrate beyond the prohibition. The Coalition is based on the votes of both parties, because the National Council may overcome the constitutional provisions by a majority of two thirds.

No "Junktimiererei"

But Wöginger on Thursday did not want the "Junktimiererei" and would only negotiate the measures related to the integration problem. If SPÖ and NEOS are not involved, Rosenkranz decides the majority of the coalition. If other parties do not agree with the tactical reasons, "we only have to do it," said Rosenkranz.

Wöginger and Rosenkranz have forbidden their faces to justify the bubble as a sexual maturity and that girls want to face "premature sex". In addition, they wanted to avoid that the basic Muslim students did not discriminate, they did not signal.

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