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Receives The Crew 2 Demolition Derby Update – GAMEtainment

Ubisoft announced that Derby demolitionUbisoft's second free update of the game manual Crew® 2on December 5th at PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and Windows PC will be available.

Demolition derby Introduces a new discipline. Participants should score 3 points in order to get the highest score for a period of time. To do this, two new arenas have been built to face craze for those who want to experience craze. At Bonneville Salt Flats, players score points by destroying their opponents' cars, lifts, spring-loaded gloves and other vehicles. On Tucson's cemetery on the plane, players can push on the road, even more destroying them. along with Demolition derby PvP is also awaited waiting mode Group 2At the beginning of the new levels, eight players from different disciplines, such as Street Racing and Motocross, may compete against each other on updated events in the US map. Players who want to go forward can join the PvP competition to get better prizes. Four Demolition Derby cars can also be used in other modes of games and free guides and can be almost completely destroyed.

Crew 2 Demolition Derby

The update includes more fuel counters, Exclusive Drift, Alpha Grand Prix and Rally Cross Challenges, as well as additional gaming skills. Every month as part of the vehicles Group 2 Audi RS3 LMS – 2017 and Aeroboat – VS12 – 2018 all players are now available.

Demolition derby
Demolition derby The next step is in the development plan Group 2In the coming months, members of the team are trying to keep up to date with the usual updates. In September, free first free release, Gator Rush and Hovercraft Discipline were released. Post-launch plans for more information Group 2 is available here: www.thecrewgame.com/postlaunch
The Crew 2 Demolition Derby

in The Crew 2, Ubisoft Ivory Tower * Developed in Lyon, players can live the American racing engine completely redesigned and redesigned. Group 2 It increases physical limits and tries to endorse competitors or competitors around the world in endless competition or exploration. Exotic cars, motorcycles, boats and airplanes can be found on airplanes, on the ground and in the air, which are dominated by motorcycle racing. The game offers challenges and inspirations for families with four motorcycles: Street Racing, Off-Road, Pro Racing and Freestyle. There are many types of vehicles available for this option.

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