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Regular homework or proper workout is a substitute

Daily tasks can be healthy in your body

Do you want to do something for your health and lose weight? Then last forget about fitness trends or tough gym visits. Experts have found daily routines and activities, such as homework, food and climbing stairs, to be a physical exercise for men.

Researchers at the University of Sydney have found in the current study that domestic tasks and regular daily tasks are characterized by high-intensity alcoholic physical activity (HIIPA), that sports are good for our health. He published the results of the research published in English by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Several daily activities, such as short walks, climbing stairs, and improving health and fitness in children's play. (Image: Kzenon / fotolia.com)

Daily shorts are added

High intensity spacing training is known in all fitness classes and fitness classes. Even though there are not structured activities such as walking, domestic work, and stairs stairs, health benefits are similar, just like doing physical exercise? Experts say yes. These activities are very short, but added throughout the day. For example, if you climb the stairs in your home, you should only have a few seconds, but if you manage three or four times a day, you can add a few minutes or more to other exercises or homework during the daytime hours.

Throughout the day, activity is actively active

The temporary episode of daily physical activity includes short sections of more intense physical activity, as health benefits increase. The high intensity (HIIT) presentation of the principles of daily life will be essential for the inactives and overweight people to achieve these exercises and to improve their health. Frequent regular activities that temporarily question some unusual seconds and breathing are also beneficial to health.

What are high intensity activities?

Experts say that there are three to five energy jobs every day for more than five to ten minutes a week, that people can achieve healthy benefits. For medium-sized people, activities for children's play activities, climbing stairs or bicycles are activities that are of great intensity. High intensity physical activity of the secondary (HIIPA) is the usual daily life, the author of the study. Advantages are the lack of extra costs, which do not require special equipment and people are not deterred by activities, because they can not be the special or appropriate skills they do not need.

Not only sports, daily tasks and even calories. For example, according to research published by Harvard Health Publishing, only 30 minutes of gardening will cause burns near 200 calories. Even when you play with your children or take food, it helps reduce excess fat and reduce calories. (As)

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