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Right populist repression: Gabalier appreciates more

Munich / Vienna – Narrhalla's Munich carnival company, Andreas Gabalier continues to issue a Karl-Valentin-Order award, which is still a matter of controversy. Among others, Karl Valentine's director and heir to the representative of Gunter Fette "picture"The diary named" populist, homophobic and misogynist "on the right side of Egypt, the 34-year-old Austrian speaks for itself.

However, these allegations are not struck: "When someone does not know him personally, then he does not hurt himself". He goes to the Earth's senses, "people will not change" Aloud said "picture"Egunkaria. He was particularly told that" confused all of the previous Order's first order. "

"Do not let your success break the story"

"Hulapalu" does not want to miss: "I can not blame the success story of some of my jealous," he said, adding: "You do not really want me, but I would not care if you want to appreciate a little bit more, mutual respect in our society more and more is the drain ".

Old rock & # 39; n & # 39; The scooter, Peter Kraus (79), on Saturday, was defended by Gabalier. "I know Andreas's friendly, kind and respectful friend," he said. And Foreign Minister Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) took a Facebook party party for Styria.

On the cover of the album Swastika?

Among other things, Gunter Fett criticizes the song "An Opinion" of Gabalier, which is "What is it? Where does it come from? New time, new land? Where does it take? How is it that few people think that they want a country? Is the goal of a democracy? Does it mean something and the others are silent? "

In addition, his critics believe that Gabaliers has appeared on the cover of "VolksRock's Roller" on the cover of the 2011 album. The new version of Gabalier 2014 singed the Austrian hymn, referring only to "great sons", but not to their daughters, they misjudged it.

Controversial statements

A year later, in the "Amadeus Awards", after the award, on the "Best Live Act" stage: "It's not easy in this world, Manderl still in Weiberl." That did not come well Since the stamp has been "homophobic".

On Saturday, Gabalier will receive a medal in Munich. The comic book Karl Valentin played his life folk and Gabalier named "folk singer 2.0". The singer knows how to connect popular music to the rock pit. (APA, dpa,

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