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Rodent vaccine: doctor with an incentive system – steiermark.ORF.at

According to the wave of the elm, the stigma injection rate is also discussed. Even though doctors and experts are now against the duty of the vaccine being introduced, they are proposing an incentive system.

Fourteen months have been given to the Department of Health of the Province of Styrian, and twelve have been confirmed. There is more food suspect: 50 treatments now (30.1.2019).

Two ninth month births of life, partial vaccinations, offer protection against elm, depending on the medical profession. Inoculation rate 89 is the only vaccine in Styria and 79% of the second.

It is difficult to establish a general anti-vaccination obligation

The general duty to vaccinate against Italy and France is difficult to impose because of the illegitimacy of the limits of electoral freedom, the members of Ernst Eber Children's Hospital Council: "In the true sense of the word, the duty is very difficult because we always weigh the individual's freedom, where it is beneficial for society. Getting 100% vaccination? We need to get 95 points and unfortunately we are 15 percent. "

Crab vaccine vaccine

APA / dpa / Achim Scheidemann

Werner Zenzek says "immunity challenging opponents (for four percent of the population) would not work in education", to vaccinate the indirect duty, such as linking social benefits to a mandatory vaccine. The vaccine itself is not protecting yourself, but protecting others, because you do not spread the elmorrhagia, as you can see in small babies and it would make sense to cut any social benefits. not for nurses to vaccinate. "

Young Impflücke for adults

Health Counselor Christopher Drexler (ÖVP) can imagine the widow's intake of the vaccine as an appropriate path to child transplantation. In the hospital sector there is a vaccine for people who have to deal with severe medical or surgical patients. The appeal for free vaccination comes with the Styrian Medical Association. Even if there is an Impflücke with young adults, it must be urgently closed.

"130,000 160,000 deaths per year"

According to the current wave of measles, Vienna Virologists Lukas Weseslindtner and Heidemarie Holzmann (MedUni Viena) published a 2015 study on "Science", because the measles is impaired by the immune system of the patients during the years.

The vaccine against vaccination is often an argument that questions the benefits of the vaccine for alcohol, the introduction of a "natural" widow "strengthens" the immune system. "It should be recalled that elmorrhagia is not harmful, but with a high rate of hospitalization and complication (around 20 percent), according to the World Health Organization (Elgoibar), hawkers remain in all ages worldwide between 130,000 and 160,000 deaths," the researchers wrote .

Werner Zen's Australian infectious disease said on Wednesday at a press conference that "Bullying is said to be beneficial in the onset of illness, such as asthma protection and better development, which can be scientifically re fl ected several times. The vaccine does not lead to autism, as it has often been claimed. On the other hand, the elm disease is a weaker immune system three years later and, therefore, it can facilitate the death of other diseases. "

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