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Second reading of hypertension is always decisive

Hypertension: take a second reading seriously

Millions of people in Germany have high blood pressure. Hypertension can cause serious illnesses, such as stroke, heart or kidney failure. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know their blood pressure levels and, if necessary, save the elevated blood pressure. But it is important to know the best values ​​specification.

Many patients do not know about hypertension

Health experts say almost a third of age in Germany suffers from high blood pressure. Many do not suspect hypertension. This may have dangerous effects, because untreated hypertension increases risk, such as heart failure, stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease and kidney disease. So, it is clear that you need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible with hypertension. For this reason, people of all ages should know the blood pressure values. An expert describes the best values ​​specifications.

Everyone needs to know their blood pressure values ​​to cope with high blood pressure, if necessary. Determines how an expert evaluated. (Image: Kurhan /

Blood pressure single measurement has a low value

High blood pressure can lead to serious illnesses, such as stroke, heart or kidney failure.

"Cardiovascular diseases continue to be the cause of death," said Prof. Dr. med. med. Martin Middeke at the Farmakon in the Hypertension Center in Munich, the International Chamber of Pharmacy Chamber Training International, in the Federation of Federated Federation of Pharmacists Federation of ABDA. V ..

"That's why it is important for everyone to know their values ​​and treat high blood pressure," says experts.

For internal, blood pressure measurement has a low value, not in the doctor's office or in the pharmacy.

For example, the great values ​​measured in medical practice ("coat-of-arms effect") are well-known.

On the other hand, especially in men of medium ages, blood pressure can be increased in working days, but it can be normal in medicine. This is what the mask is called hypertension.

According to ABDA, this phenomenon is associated with a high risk.

First rest

Prof. Dr. Middek recommends the following procedure for the measurement: First, the patient must be physically, mentally, and emotionally resting. Then the blood pressure is measured for the first time.

If the value increases, a second or third measurement must be taken after two minutes and after relaxation.

According to the information, deep breathing is the easiest and most effective form of relaxation. It is injected into the depths and slowly crosses through the nose and through the mouth it has spread deeply and openly.

As a result, high blood pressure drops rapidly.

How many values ​​are there?

But how high is blood pressure?

According to ABDA, hypertension occurs when the blood pressure level is 140 or 90 or higher; Over 80s between 160 and 90.

Blood pressure values ​​- with few exceptions with comorbidities – are not treated with medication.

In general, blood pressure is below 120 to 80. "But that does not mean that the blood pressure of drugs is low," says Middek.

"On the other hand, it would not be healthy for many patients, a drop between 140 and 90 years is relatively high, especially in patients between the ages of 65 and 80, the doctor has a great deal of discourse on the treatment", explained the expert.

Treatment of natural hypertension

Hypertension is used in high blood pressure. But, in many cases, blood pressure drops even without pills.

Above all, it is important to move regularly, reduce overweight and cigarettes and alcohol consumption too much.

In addition, household remedies and a balanced and healthy diet have been known to significantly reduce blood pressure.

It is very important here: salt in moderation. Large salt fat can increase blood pressure. It is not necessary to consume more than four or six salts daily in the gas. In addition, the menu generally has many fruits and vegetables.

Take medication early in the morning

If medicines are necessary, Prof. Middeke in the morning.

"At the edge of the bed, the hypotension is swallowed not only for breakfast. As soon as medicine is done, it can work as soon as possible," says the doctor.

"At night, nighttime blood pressure has sometimes dropped too much and reacts to the unwanted body counterweight."

Experts say that afternoon intake is necessary for sleep arterial pressure (!) It does not diminish – long-term measurement is measured by outpatient. (Ad)

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