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Serious traffic accidents will be blocked soon «»

Traffic accident with great traffic Krottendorf (B 70). The implementation is still ongoing, the road is closed to all traffic.

of Katharina Siuka | 12:31, November 26, 2018

Red Cross, firefighters and police teams are the rescues © Red Cross / Robert Thormann

B70, Krottendorf by-pass, has shut down traffic after 9:30 a.m. Monday after a major traffic accident. That confirms that Road maintenance company Voitsberg request. That's why the old B 70 traffic (Krottendorf-Gaisfeld) is redirected. "In a word, about Around 12:40We expect the road again in two directions note"Says Hans Peter Sturmann, Deputy General Department of firefighters at Gaisfeld,

Emergency medical practitioner

According to the first information Red Cross Voitsberg-Köflach 9:25 a.m. In the vicinity, a truck and a car came to 100 meters from the Kremser roundabout: one person suffered serious injuries and a second person was not injured.

Forces, among others Fire Departments in Gaisfeld. Krottendorf and Köppling and Voitsberg, as well as officials Police KrottendorfThey are still currently in use at the accident site. du Red Cross Voitsberg-Köflach Ambulance and ambulance is at an accident site.

Fire-fighting brigades, with a total of 24 activists, make up the 40-tonne semi-trailer that is difficult: the blast after the explosion on the first flanks.

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