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Stock Market Express – LAWYER: Zalando is in the heat and expects more growth

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Stores online store in Zalando
They tightened the last quarter. du
Sales in the fourth quarter have risen by almost 25 points
About 1.7 million euros, companies on Thursday
Berlin announces. The correct result of the operation (Ebit) has been put
Thus, they range from 112.6 million to 117.8 million euros
The corresponding margin fell by 8.4%, 7.1%. This was it
The new Bloomberg news agency interviewed

Zalando wants to increase the growth of the new event:
Sales must have a bottom line between 20 and 25 percent
The Group sees EBIT adjusted between 175 and 225
Millions of euros would be the best case
Since 2018. The group continues to invest – around 300
Millions of euros will be earmarked for this purpose.

All year round, the team arrived last year
the goals dropped two times. Billing grew by 20% in 2018
Less than 5.4 million euros, adjusted EBITs were lower than those of 215
173.4 million euros. In addition to the great investments like Zalando, he suffered
Other retail traders, even hot summer, etc.
They had to give a huge discount to the collective camps and the client,
to get rid of goods. / nas / jha /

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